Weird pain in toe

Hi - this is a weird one, but maybe somebody else has experienced it. I have been kept awake all night by a stabbing pain in the ball of my big toe. It is like a red hot needle being pushed into it and happens every couple of minutes or so. It is incredibly painful. There is nothing really to see. I think it could be nerve related. I probably wont get it now for another few months. I thought it could be due to certain shoes or alcohol, but not really sure. I don't think it's gout as it is in the fleshy part of the toe, not joint, always at night and seems better if I get out of bed (cooler maybe?). I never get it anywhere else. Any ideas?

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  • It sounds like it could be gout to me.- is it hot and shiny too?

    I used to get this frequently but mine was down to my kidneys not functioning properly.

    This can be triggered by alcohol or certain high purine foods.

    Visit your doctor who will confirm this and give you meds to treat it,usually indomethacin or colchicine,maybe allopurinol.

    If you google high purine foods you can see what may trigger this condition.

    If it's not gout then your doc will confirm its nothing more sinister.

    Make an appointment soon.-if it's gout it can be excruciating pain.



  • Hi. That's interesting, as I am going to the doctors tonight as I have had a niggling urine infection for a few weeks! Also, been away and drank more than usual. Will certainly good high purine foods and maybe be able to manage it with lifestyle. I just didn't think it could be gout so had ruled that out. Thank you.

  • Urine infection and gout usually go hand in hand and especially if you have had quite a bit of alcohol as well.

    Dr should be able to give you something to sort them both later on.

    Hope all goes well.Let us know what he says.



  • the uric acid that is an issue for gout sufferers can be deposited as needle-like crystals in soft tissues. So gout could be the problem.

    I have a friend with gout but, since I got him to take coconut oil, it no longer seems an issue. Alternatively the quinine in Indian Tonic Water might help - sans alcohol though ;)

  • Hi. I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps it could be a touch of gout especially as Crusee mentioned kidney function as well. Was just about to go for a G&T for medicinal purposes, but note the no alcohol - shame! I think lifestyle may be the answer and as it is only occasional perhaps I have time to look into it and help myself before it gets worse, so thanks for your help, I would not have gone down the gout route otherwise.

  • You're welcome, good luck at sorting it out. Lifestyle changes would certainly benefit your future. Better to live without pharmaceuticals than rattle ehh? ;)

  • I agree that it sounds like Gout, I have had similar experiences and it turned out to be Gout. Very very painful. The answer is to find out what triggers it. For me it is cheese but there are many triggers.

    Hope that it eases.


  • oh no, no cheese! I'd be lost :(

  • I know I live near Cheddar in Somerset, the home of cheese!

  • From a holistic point of view ..our feet are mini maps of our body...Pain in the feet usually indicates imbalance in corresponding parts of our bodies. I say this as I am a Reflexologist. If you care to google Reflexology it will tell you more and also there are maps of the feet for you to look at.

  • i met a lady who never drank and had the most nasty pain in her toes big ones and her calf that was gout and she was treated for it with some of the meds listed above good luck to you x

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