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hi everyone hope someone can help me, my mum is 77 years old and for the last 20 months things havnt been going well for her, firstly she had been on steroids for polymyalgia for 2 years and this made her bones brittle so in december 2015 she had back pain so severe she had to go to hospital and she had fractured 2 vertabrae at the top of her back, anyway they put her on codeine and morphene which resulted in her bowel blocking and in January 2016 she had an emergency operation for a burst bowel which resulted in a stoma being fitted - mum seemed to be on the road to recovery when in october 2016 she needed to go into hospital as she was very breathless and her hands were tingling it turns out she needed a blood transfusion as her red blood count was down to 68 anyway to cut a very long story short she now needs a blood transfusion every 2 weeks as her red corpsoles are not producing and she has also got very bad circulation which has resulted in rhematoid athritis in her hands and feet which cause her a lot of pain and keep her awake - at one point they sent her to the royal livepool hospital to see whether there was a bleed to explain her needing the blood transfusions but after endoscopys etc nothing has been found we dont know what to do anymore so any ideas or help will be much appreciated thank you Linda

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