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I had a hip xray a few years back and the results came back to my surgery with a letter that read, wear and tear and a degree of separation. Since then my hip has become more painful and the other hip is now painful, so much worse that I recently bought a rollator. Does anyone know what the term separation means in this context? I am really hoping that my new medical practice will refer me for further xrays. Polly X

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Maybe it's about time you had an MRI scan?

What did your GP say a few years ago? No referal to Orthopaedics then or since?

Have you ever had a blood test to check your Vitamin D levels? Do you have osteoarthritis anywhere else?



Yes Mary, I have it in my neck and right shoulder which plays up now and then, thumbs too, not too painful unless I rub pastry in and kneading bread dough is right out now. I have regular blood tests but Vitamin D levels are not mentioned. I probably don't question things enough. Polly X

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Hi Polly

You could ask GP for Vitamin D blood tests and MRI. Can only agree or say no!

Worth a try ??



Your new surgery should refer you for x-ray especially if it was a few years back that you had the original x-rays.

I have a friend who had x-rays five years ago as part of the fibromyalgia diagnoses. However in the last two years her hip pain was getting worse. By the time she went to the GP and they referred her for an x-ray, the arthritis was so bad that she had an emergency hip replacement! Everyone assumed it was just the fibro getting worse.

So regardless to what the previous diagnosis is, if the pain has been getting worse then it is time to have another one.

As for the term separation, it is probably to do with the soft tissues that hold the joint together, but it would be better to ask a health professional about that.

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