I can`t take the constipation that comes with codeine any longer...despite taking Senokot max, figs and the syrup that the doc prescribed me

I have decided to stop taking it because of this,it is excellent at dealing with my pain in my hip and my toe joint, I am now trying Ibruprofen max 400mg (x2) twice a day (this is day one) & see if this deals with my pain and doesn't give me constipation, failing that, shall maybe go back on naproxen (which is the medication I was prescribed originally for my painful toe joints (bunions) before i had this hip problem & up the dose to 500mg and see if this works, as naproxen does seem to be prescribed for the toe, hip, (sciatica) not 100% sure yet as I`m still going through the mill of finding out the cause of pain....I shall also mention this to the Physio when I go for my second appointment next week I`m still managing to doing my exercises but only once a day when I`m in from work in the evening...so here`s hoping for a bowel movement today...!!!

I wish you all a comfortable day x

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  • I have had problems with bowel movements for years and I am on moraphine etc. that makes the problem worse. I recently tried Laxido. It absorbs water to help the movement. There was another one called Lactulose that I tried just before but it is not sugar free and works in the same way. If you take either you have to keep yourself very, very well hydrated and you have to be a bit mindful of having a movement when you pass wind. I have limited movement so I needed something that would help me to go even though I am not as physical. I don't know whether your GP would be able to prescribe it but mine did. And so far it is a godsend!!

    I wish you a comfortable day :) x

  • Thank you jengrian for your reply , I do my best to take in plenty of fluids I shall note down your suggested ones, are they only on prescription or do you think I may find them on the shelf too?

    best wishes x

  • I have no idea. Just checked (googled) it and it seems that you can get it on amazon. Check with your doc though just to make sure that you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients. If it works for you it might be cheaper and easier to get it on prescription. I have to :)

    Let me know if it works for you please. I know how horrible it is not going. I am amazed that I am actually discussing this on a forum!! x

  • Hello

    Try dyhydrocodone with the NSID, Also get yourself a TENS and some training to use it, if not been to Pain clinic the Practice Nurse should be able to help


  • Hello and thank you again Bob, what does NSID stand for ? and TENS?

    I have not been to the pain clinic before how do I get referred to one?

    please advise , Thank you

  • Hello

    NSIDS Are nonsteriodal Anti-inflammatory drug (s)

    TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

    The first is the medication that your GP will give you to reduce swelling in effected joints

    Tens stimulate and produce pain control through nerve stimulation

    Hope that helps you can purchase the TENS on the internet or at a chemist.

    See the GP for tablets

    Also discuss pain control with him, He will advise on pain clinic who will train you on use of Tens although they are easy to use

    Will need a rest after that


  • Thanks Bob

  • Hi there are many different laxatives that you doctor can prescribe. They work on the bowel in different ways.

    Some soften the bowel movement, others add bulk. Others lubricate and others make you intestine extract water to remove the stool.

    An appointment with your doctor can alleviate you discomfort.


  • HI Carole,

    Thanks for your reply and advice , I do have an app booked for next week . I expect it is all trial and error, just trying to get it all sorted before xmas

  • I used to suffer terribly too until my gp changed me from lactulose to Movocol, this has been the best thing, very effective and very gentle. It is in a sachet & is mixed with water. I wouldn't like to stop taking my co-codamol.

  • Hi Natty

    Thank you for your reply, I to don't want to stop taking my co-codamol, one day without it yesterday and I had to take some this morning to scared to take to many , what a nightmare, I has an appointment booked for next week, so hopefully they will give me something more suited to my system, after a concoction of different remedies over the last 4 days , I have finally had movement lol.......but know it starts all over again.....

  • I now have a few sugar free sweets and find they help me to go ! i told my gp and she said whatever works for you.Its the sorbitol in the weets that give a laxative effect.Dont have too many though or you will get the runs.Worth a try maybe ?Good luck.

  • Thank you sparky every bit of advice I appreciate, x

  • Hi, i know this might not be your cup of tea but there is one other possible solution. Get the Doc to provide your pain meds via a suppository. It by passes the stomach completely and really helps reduce problems with constipation. i use Lactulose solution (as already suggested) on prescription when things get bad, also you might consider golden linseeds, i soak them in juice or milk over night and have them with cereal for breakfast, they're not bad at all helping to keep things regular. There's another seed called Chia seeds which may be worth a try. One of the things to bear in mind if you are living long-term on pain killers is how your diet may need to alter to help keep you keep regular. loads of wholegrains, wholefoods and greens will help also. Avoid processed food. white bread and pastry/cakes and biscuits. Prunes for breakfast etc. I don't think it's too good an idea relying on just one solution to these kinds of problems, taking a more holistic approach definitely helped me. Bob's right, get your self to a pain clinic, get your GP to refer you. You can borrow a TENS machine from the Pain Clinic to see if it helps before buying one. There are also several other devices designed to help reduce pain, it's just a case of seeing what helps you. TENS doesn't always help but something else may do, give it all a try. Good luck and don't give up.

  • Try nurofen plus.its 200mg ibuprofen and 12.8mg of codeine .I use is sometimes just to change things up a bit as I'm on the 30/500 cocodamol.You have to buy it over the counter at around 7 pounds for 32 tablets and you'll get the normal spiel'for three days only' I wish lol.Maybe because it has a lower codeine content it may not affect you so much.

  • im on Fentanyl,max dose of lyrica ,max of tramadol and also other codeine med for breakthrough pain.I had repeated episodes of severe impaction,and faecal loading.I was eventually put on laxido sachets.I take 1 every evening and another in the morning.If i have a bowel movement the next day i take 1 sachet and the day after i go back to 2.This routine allows for 3 bowel movements a week without leakage.I found 2 sachets every day was causing leakage on passing wind.I have been able to cntrol my bowels comfortaby now for 2 years on the laxido.I drink average 1/2 litres of water a day as the opiates leave you very dry .Im bedbound with very severe M.E. And also have profund fibro,just to let you see that even with minimal movement this regieme works for me.Hope you find what works for you.Also i found that watermelon eaten along with its black seeds and an orange could often make it possible to skip a sachet on any day i felt i couldnt face it.I have nausea and i hate the taste of laxido so much i actually heave at times swallowing it lol.Also i take 3 ryvita cracked black pepper crispbreads with philadelphia cheese every day.The crackers made a huge difference to the bowel movements ,they became easier to move without painful fissures due to overly bulky stool.Just some pointers that helped me .


  • The lemon and lime flavour movicol is much more palatable than plain laxido I find. I have to take 1 am and 1 pm.

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