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What Next!!

This forum always gives me sensible advice so here I am again. The medics thought I may have referred pain from the hip to the knee, and have injected the hip with no effect. I stopped pain relief for a couple of days and nearly severed my leg from my body as the pain was so intense!! So back on Morphine and have insisted on seeing the muscular unit next week. I can only think that a scan of the knee is the only option now but the Dorset CT are so scared of spending any unnecessary (in their view) money that I am not convinced that this will be offered as I have requested a scan before without a result. Any advice from you would be very very welcome.

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Quick question, have you had your hips xrayed or had an MRI??

I've just had a total hip replacement but prior to this, like you, I had excruciating pain in my leg and particularly in my knee. I had a steroid injection in my hip and it lasted all of one day.

I would say that you need to see an orthopaedic specialist......hope you get some answers.

Good luck



THANKS Judy that's what I am trying to do but it seems that one has to be suffering for years before the medics take any notice of your opinion. I think we all know our own body's and should be listened to not ignored. Glad you seem to be lots better.


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