Some good news!

Hi guys. Well, I still have severe lower back pain and I need to take all this OXY to cope daily but it has not got worse! If I move about too much and tidy up, I feel it. But....for the most part, it's managed better than it ever was. This medication has really helped me. It did take a year to get the right meds.

I wanted to post this because we need more good vibes!

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  • That's great news!

    I've been in the same boat. I was literally at breaking point until I had my medication adjusted. Now I've slept properly two nights in a row, it's a miracle!

  • Im so glad u have found a small amount of relief.Im in Perth WA and i was taken off oxycontin about 8 yrs ago,i found this was the only neds that helped me.The next 7 years were absolure hell,trying every other type of meds on the market and sering in complete agony with my pain and the side effects.. they will try anything on you here,the chances of getting oxycontin areì an absolute joke.Again i thank God for the operation i had 6 months ago

  • Thanks. I do feel grateful that the MRI shows that my pain is not to do with my bones. I feel for you. I hope you are doing well...

  • I'm in agony again.

  • I would be doing alot better if not for our useless health department.All the best for you and good luck...😊

  • Wishing you well 😎

  • Seems like a good excuse to avoid housework! 😀

    Have you tried Yoga or Pilates to strengthen your back muscles? These help me keep my meds intake down. Acupuncture is effective, too!

  • It was suggested I try yoga. My issue is not being well mentally long enough to build routines for things like that. I'm up and down week by week. My meds also wipe me out when I'm trying to treat my bipolar. To be fair, I've never wanted to tidy my home more in my life! I hate it this way. I'll see what I can try and do at home with YouTube videos. Thanks.

  • There are more than a few websites. Look out for Hatha as it’s gentle & calming. :) Even a 10 minute warm up is good for relieving muscle tension. I often have to do stretches lying down or in the bath.

  • I find bath helps me. I even heat my back up with a hair dryer when it's really bad! Say I wake up in pain, I put that on my back right away. Then take my OXY IR. I know I need to try to stretch more. I have had physio for a year and it was only a little helpful. The stretching I do tends to feel more painful to be fair. How long do you do it for?

  • I would never have thought about using the hair dryer,thanx for the tip 😉

  • I love hot bath, especially with epsom salts! Sometimes I get stuck & can't get out for ages which is cold & nasty!

    Top tip! I hadn't thought of using a hairdryer! I bought a cheap infrared lamp, & find it beneficial for my back, neck & shoulder. I'm saving up for a better one that can don't have to hold & will heat them all at once.

    I don't think we get oxy in the UK. I have friends who have much stronger drugs than me, & that's never mentioned, though it could be called something else

    I saw a chiropracter for a while, who helped more than a physio. Between him & a good acupuncturist, I managed to stop using crutches to walk.

    I try to do 10 minutes of stretches before getting out of bed, then 5-10 minutes when I remember throughout the day. Less harm done than all at once. :)

  • We do have OXY in uk. Up to 120 mg per day. But the 120mg single pills have been stopped.

  • I'll ask about it at pain club.

    As you're in the UK, ask your GP to refer you for a pain management programme. They're really helpful for dealing with chronic pain issues. I think most towns run them.

  • I hope the pain clinics in the UK are more sympathetic than the ones here.Unless you are in the last stages of cancer,ms contin will not be given to us

    If you dare ask for it you are labelled a druggie.Apparantly no exceptions.

  • Well, if you ask for these kinds of drugs by name, there is every reason to think that way. I never asked for strong pain meds by name. I took in a pain chart I printed from Google and pointed to number 8 and brought in the guide to pain meds as a list. I had read about and OXY before I met but never asked for it! He actually started me on something else and I had to go back to him still in pain before he gave any OXY.

    Then the dose was too low and I was in severe pain. It was only at this point that he gave me a stronger dose. But it still took me to double up my dose and tell him about it before I got a good amount of relief! It was not easy but it should not be easy! These are serious drugs. Then again, this week he has put my dose up but it's still not enough, I have cried a few times. I have doubled up again and will tell him the news next week!

    I feel sorry for you if you can't get good relief. How do you cope? I would not be here without this!

  • I never asked for them by name i was put on them 20 yrs ago,then about 7yrs ago i was taken off them by the same pain clinic who started me on them.When one of the pain Drs asked me about 3yrs ago what worked for me in the past i just told him,it was all there on his computer,oxycontin had been the only thing that had helped me,i never asked for it ,i know better.But i was accused of just wanting drugs,even thou my mri results were in front of him and my back was a trainwreck.My kids kept me going if not for them i would of gone out making a big enough statement so others didnt suffer like i had.I was just lucky to find a neurosurgeon who agreed to operate,24 yrs of hell,im still in pain but this is bearable with a fentanyl patch.

  • I understand now. Oh, the fent patch has good research. It's not like they are doing nothing. If you can cope, they see no reason to change. I just could not cope in any way. It was not nice for the dr to see me. The pain was bad enough for me to go to a and e but they do treat people like drug addicts because it happened to me.

    I tried the bupe patches 20,50 and 70! If these had worked I would have stayed on them.

    My pain is neuropathic. Pregablin and all those kinds of drugs failed too. That's why I find tramadol still helpful as it has SRI properties and can help with nerve pain.

    I think you are lucky to get a result from the fent patch. These patches make me itch and I have bad reaction to them.

    Are you able to use tramadol for BT pain?

  • Yep i can only take the 50mg and injections,all the others make me sick.Its all yrial and error.

  • I'm glad you have access to this drug. It's not lost its power over 4 years. You can take a medication to deal with the nausea and the dr can give it to you. This way there is no need for to suffer. I have this medication. Tramadol does not make me sick. But 100mg of OXY can. Ask your dr about the med and take what you need when you need it. 😎

  • Oxycontin and ms contin worked the best.I m doing good with the fentanyl atm,awaiting a knee op thats giving me a bit of grief but il get thru it,been thru worse.Keep ur chin up ,hope you have some painfree days soon.

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