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My uncle has passed away it was yesterday morning that he passed. He was 83 years old. His kidneys had failed him he was on dialysis three times a week. He was in constant pain. I know everyone says these things but he has know more pain.

He was a very good person. He is now with his Mom .Dad and brother and sister. He will be greatly missed.

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You have lost a lot of family members - never easy as so many lovely memories go when someone you have known all your life passes away - hope there are young ones in the family to compensate

ssdw1958 in reply to jeabgaff

I want to thank you and yes to the question of young ones I have a little granddaughter she lives across the country but we did have the first year of her life living with us. It was a joy to have her with us and it was also good that she met my Uncle her Great Great Uncle. Thanks again

I am sorry for your loss ssdw. I lost my favourite uncle too last year. But as u say. He is at rest now and Godbless his soul take care x

I'm so sorry for your loss .I don't normally come in here but I do check messages time to time. It saddens me to hear this sad news .may he rest in peace and if any comfort he is free now from pain and torture noone knows the battle with pain until your put in that position. This Passover I'll have him in my prayers that he is rejoicing with our Lord. My best to you and yours .

Thank you so much I feel like the people in this group are more sincere than some of my family they are looking for ways to slow the process in cleaning out his things and wanting to spend the little money he left me to take care of his final paper work. And let me tell you he didn’t have much. I am so glad I spent time with him when I did may it have been Visitng him or calling him on the phone. He understood my health more than some of my family.

Its hard to see the truth in others sadly after someone passed on. But you just hold on to the memories you had with him because I bet you that to him you were everything he needed at that moment and it's worth more then anything monney can't buy. I wish you strength and comfort in this Passover. Just remember he chosed you to handle his affairs that means he knew you can handle it . Anytime you need to chat talk vent count on a friend here.

Or you can email me if I'm not here .In my past I advocated for allot of companies that needed sponcers etc etc so for me being there for anyone helps me as well feel to feel useful people forget that just because we are hurting in pain we too want too feel needed.

All my best ..

Smile it gets better



Thank you soooo much I really needed that. I will remember you in my prayers.

Awe thank you I appreciate that. Hugs*

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