Good & Bad News

Hi everyone its been a while since I posted. I've got some great news an some bad news.

Good News first! I rejoined weight watchers 11 days ago as of today I've lost 18 pounds! yayayayayayayS!!!! My swollen legs an feet look normal now lol. I know I'm losing water retention but that is still great Cause that was killing my body... I've got 110 more pounds to lose. I know I can do it i joined WW 5 yrs ago an lost 100 pounds.. Got in a bit of depressed mode an quit, joined a few pounds back but I was weighing over 300 pounds back then, I don't now I'm in my mid 200's hehe.

Bad News!

I went to my Pain Dr. today to get steroid shot in my back to help with my lower back an right leg where pain is shooting down it. I've had these done before several times without being put asleep, so I figured Same here! Lets say like HELL NO! My ex husband went with me cause they wanted someone to drive me home. (Never had to do that either)

But my ex could hear me screaming all the way out in the Car Lot parking. He hurt me so bad, I will never have him do another even if it was to help me. I don't think it will help. I've got some pain going on, an my sugar is 300, blood pressure is normal.

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  • That's awful 😔 I'm so sorry for you x

  • Instead of WW try LCHF (low carb high fat) diet easy to do and very good to reduce inflammation in body, check it out on google, is one I use, has great easy recipes too, will help your sugar count. I have dropped two clothes sizes with it so far and I'm only doing the moderate version. More than a diet it is a way of life and it suits me great, never go hungry nowadays. I have serious back problems and also hypothyroidism and celiac.

  • Ill check it out, but WW has worked for me in the past I lost 100lbs 4 yrs ago an got flustrated at myself an stopped instead of going on. I've got 110 more to lose one way or another I'll do it lol. The WW before helped me get off my cholesterol medications an stopped my diabetes. Im more determined than i was before to get this off this time an keep it off.

  • Thank you.i canceled my shot in my sacrum at the hospital 2days just didnt feel right to me to do it.pain when down some anyway .beer helps me.

  • I called my sister this morning to ask if she ever heard of what I went through. She has herself. It happens cause it at L4-l5 is why they have to do the pricks with the numbing medication so many nerves in that area. I had the worst head ache from hell last night lost control of my bladder cause the epidural went below L5 . I'm feeling lots better now an the shots did help my low back pain thank God!

  • so sorry to hear that had same I heard someone scream didn't realise it was me till daughter said so embarrassed.

  • Embarrassed really Wow, instead of sympathy she was embarrassed. Or was you embarrassed from realizing it was you? It isn't no fun for sure.

  • yes it was me that screamed could not believe in.

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