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Anyone else have this


Has anyone else had acid reflux? I think the amount of NSAIDs I ve been taking have affected my digestion and I now have all the symptoms especially bothering is throat clearing and dry cough worse after eating .Im thinking of trying nexium for a few days any comments or advice most welcome x

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Acid reflux is horrible and I know that it interfered with me being able to sleep for quite some time. Some of the discussion in comments of other posts in this topic might provide some pointers to things that you can try?

Topcat56 in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

I'm not too bad at night may have silent reflux too much googling lol .During the day if I burp I can taste the acid and sometimes regurgitate a little what's worse for me is the constant throat clearing and dry cough x

Cb1963 in reply to Topcat56

Topcat56, sorry about getting you title wrong, flaming predictive text 😁 lol

Hi Topcat56

I used to have the same problem having lots of meds everyday.

My dr prescribed omeprazole for me which I take every mornng before my other meds and it has done the trick ,no more acid reflux.

Speak to your gp as there are a number of other options in the same range which do a similar job .



Topcat56 in reply to Crusee

Did you have the throat clearing and dry cough the rest is bad but this really annoys me and I'm sure those around me x

Crusee in reply to Topcat56

Yes I get this but only intermittently.

Biggest problem is sometimes having trouble swallowing,throat feels like its closing up.




I get these symptoms.

7/8 years ago ENT did nasendoscope and said - I think you have a small hernia! He diagnosed the Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and acid damage to Arytenoids and treated with double the maximum dose of Zoton Fastab for 8 weeks.

When GP reduced dose and changed lansoprazole to generic the symptoms started coming back. So I phoned ENT secretary. Was seen again and Barium Swallow revealed also have Cricopharyngeal prominence which was caused by stomach acid (as well as the hernia).

I now also have Stricture in top part of the Oesophagus. This was revealed in recent Barium Swallow. After two nights of no sleep because throat was closing up GP made Urgent referral to ENT. If if hadn't eased I'd have had to go to A&E.

If you ever get referred to Gastro and they want to do OGDscope - then refuse. As this can do more damage. Insist on Barium Swallow xray only and Ultrasound scan of Gallbladder /upper abdomen if necessary.


Thank you Mary-intussuception that was really helpful.

Sometimes it makes me feel really quite panicky when I cant swallow and my throat feels Like its closing in.

Have referred i to go who took a look and sad at this stage he wasnt too concerned as it was only intermittent -- .??



Well, if it wasn't intermittent Crusee, you would have ended up in A&E and so would I.

Is there a different GP you could see at the practice? Don't mention intermitent. Just see a GP next time it happens. Try not to panick when it does. And don't mention words like panicked or being anxious or GP might put it all down to Anxiety ( which can cause lumpiness in throat). You are rightfully concerned and would like diagnosis.

It doesn't stop me eating and drinking but at least I now know that I have narrowing at the top end of the oesophagus as well as in the throat. As the Barium passed through it showed normal peristalsis further down the rest of the oesophagus.

You are on treatment for reducing acid (PPI) so if that's working OK for you, hopefully acid won't do any more damage. I am not medically qualified just someone who had lots of illness due to not being diagnosed with my Hypothyroidism.

When the last severe throat closing incident happened , end July, I thought if was my Thyroid swelling that was responsible as I had recent sinus infection. And I still think it did play it's part as I had other Hypo symptoms.

If you've never had your Thyroid function checked out why don't you look up the Symptoms of Underactive Thyroid on Thyroid UK. Also symptoms of nutrients deficiencies. See how many you have?


ps I only got seen so quickly because I took cancellations at short notice both for ENT 15 August and Barium Swallow 15 Sept.

Also : I have to mash food or remember to chew it for a long time before swallowing. Occasionally I choke though and sometimes food seems to take ages going down.


Very useful to know this, forearmed is forewarned. Thank you for post. Sorry ur experience was so terrible.


Hi, it's definitely the case that NSAID painkillers can affect your digestion and acid reflux is a very uncomfortable condition. Certain medicines can help reduce the acid in your stomach but you should probably tell a doctor if it is affecting you a lot. I have been taking ranitidine and it makes a big difference, plus I keep some tums in the car as driving seems to make it worse.


NSAID's destroy the lining in the stomach. I'm not allowed to touch them coz I had a bleeding stomach ulcer in 2012. You should be on something like lansoprazole (an anti pump inhibitor) if ur taking NSAID's

I'm on a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor ). The best one in my opinion - Zoton Fastab orodispersible lansoprazole. It was presribed by an ENT Specialist I saw after being referred with my throat pain / problems.

Ask your GP for referral to Gastroenterologist or ENT - preferably both.

Unresolved rising stomach acid can damage various parts of the throat and oesophagus. Can also cause serious disease. You could have an hiatus hernia. ENT or Gastro people can send you for a Barium Swallow xray this will show any hiatus hernia, and certain throat and oesophagus conditons. I had a nasendoscope on my first ENT visit. He could see acid damage to my Arytenoids.

I have a small sliding Hiatus Hernia. Also a long list of other conditions!

Get this checked out.

Meanwhile, when acid Reflux is bad you could try sipping warm / hot water with a little bicarbonate of soda in it. Be careful about timing ,.though, if you are on medication.


Thanks for your help this is only recent will try nexium if that works will ask doc for something more permanent and suggest referrals to specialist you mention .Trouble is with cutbacks you have to have problems for a while before they take any notice I'm off the NSAIDs now so hoping things will improve x

NSAIDS should be OK provided they are taken with or without food. The problems they can cause are bleeds in stomach, duodenum or small intestine if taken on empty stomach. The problem if taken regularly and long term could be affect on kidneys function. So GP usually does kidney blood tests occassionally (or should).

If there is acid Reflux, usually caused by hiatus hernia, it would need addressing to protect oesophagus and throat.

I have Laryngopharyngeal Reflux as well as GORD. This is when the acid rises above the oesophagus and pools in the throat, usually at night.


Sorry that should read:

NSAIDS should be OK provided they are taken with or after food.

That will definately sort it. I have got to the point where taking meds seems to hurt my throat. Having gastroparesis I think the muscles in my throat are weak so I now get acid when I try and swallow them. I tried omeprazole and it worked after a few days. Good luck.

Topcat56 in reply to DISC

Did you feel you needed to keep clearing your throat and did it give you a dry cough at any time x

DISC in reply to Topcat56

No cough, but it felt like my meds would not go down, and that my throat was closing up. I dreaded taking meds at all.

Go to gp and ask for endoscopy, l never took anti flam meds as have asthma but had similar symptoms as you but choking n swallowing started too, eventually got test n found l had 2 scars from missed internal bleeds so now l'm on the right meds. Either way it's time to see a gp. God Bless, Deb.

Also had a videofluoroscopy which proved other problems l need see a neurologist for but it's all part of the disease l have CRPS a progressive degenerative disorder of the neurologicol system. Took years to get diagnosed but throat swallowing etc is a symptom not the cause. Hope you get the right help and peace of mind.

Hi topcoat, I've had a trouble some stomach for years, and last year I ended up with an internal bleeding,now I have nothing but praise for our NHS service, including the emergency NHS direct, as without them I'd probably be not here to tell you I survived, so the acid problem you have is it a long term issue? And unfortunately alot of acid reflux medication can cause other problems but that's normally a few months or even years down the road have you been tested for the h pylori bug, usually treated with a week's worth of antibiotics, and one of them is like swallowing a torpedo lol, the acid in the stomach can burn a hole in carpet so pretty strong stuff to have coming up the wind pipe and nestling under the adams apple, so a camera down your throat is the way forward, as you might end up with a stomach ulcer, which itself is pretty nasty and cause big problems, also if you smoke that's a big no,no,and definitely don't mix over the counter antacid medication, chewing a packet rennes, milk of magnesia, bisadol, and that pink liquid and anything else, a stomach specialist is definitely at the top of your hit list, and hopefully that burning and belching will get put to bed, and you can enjoy a healthy life, it's not a pleasant situation you have but you deserve a break and all being well your symptoms will be soon put behind you, thanks.


You need to visit the GP. Your stomach needs some protection. The dry cough is probably the acid irritating the opening of the Trachea and prevent the reguritation getting worse ask to be prescribed Ometprazole (although) there are newer generations of this type of medication available, but it's a good place to start.

I assume you are taking the anti inflammatory tablets with food. I am pretty sure your GP will want to prescribe something to prevent damage to your gut.

Good luck

I do agree with what others have said, you need to visit your GP possible get an endoscopy. I take Omeprazole on a daily basis, 20mg each morning as I have had stomach surgery to correct my regurgitation/reflux, had an enormous hiatus hernia. I take it before anything else, then have breakfast and take my RA med at lunchtime, at least 4 hours later, always with food. I have adjusted my diet and don't eat after 7pm, no fizzy drinks, decaffeinated tea/coffee, we also invested in an adjustamatic bed which is fantastic, prior to all this we used blocks under the bed to keep me in a 'V' position.

Best wishes

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