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Pip forms

Hi just filled in my pip form, i am so scared about it I filled it in it took days!!

I was just wondering how long it takes to make there decisions the wait is unbelievable it's making me ill has anyone else being in my position scared cxx

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I hope all goes the way you need it to, when I did mine about a year or so, ago.

It can take weeks so be prepared for a Wait, it can take weeks, I have been told the longer the wait the more chance of getting it, it's blooming hard waiting for thier decision, fingers crossed.


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Thanks Philip

I have read so much about the decisions some say they got it straight away no assessments others said it took weeks I put so much information in from doctors specialists I carnt of done anymore.

You are made to feel as if your a fraud I was just being honest let's see what happens.


Approx 16 weeks x

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Hi fudge .my support worker has nearly completed my pip form.i have as much in the way of letters from my hospital and doctors but it's the assessment I am not looking forward to ..y illnesses are genuine yet I feel like a scrounger yet I am only asking for some financial help as I have to get about by taxi .mobility is not as good as it was either I was told by dwp it takes up to 8 weeks when you sent the form back .then a two week wait for decision. Hope all goes well !

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Hi Millie

I'm like you feel as though I'm scrounging!! But I'm not worked all my life until a few years back I've had breast cancer went in my lynodes back problems leg problems also testing again for another form of cancer no energy but made to feel bad hope goes well for you to

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Hi fudgemurphy , yes same here untill 5 years ago .sorry to hear that , I can understand how you feel .I really hope that they don't find anything .

These assessment people should spend a week with us to show them what it is like on a daily basis .

I have stage T_2 osteopenia in the hip bone .Basically the bone is transparent .I have some pain but due to the fact I also have stage f4 fibrosis of the liver with hepatic encephalopathy.( confusion and foggy brain ) I cannot take anything other than paracetamol .I have awful insomnia and yet I have days when I am so lethargic I can't be bothered to do anything . Let's hope all works well in our favour !


So sorry to hear about your illness it's a shame we have to go through all this I don't know about you but it makes me ill just thinking about it all !!

Yes let them go through what we do going on about all the forms we have to fill in I bet that they will make it easier

It's because some people take the mickey out of the Benefit system!!!!


Thank you ! I am sort of used to it but the bone thinning is a new one they discovered .so another one to add to my list like yourself

Oh I wished they would see for themselves how we have to get by each day . Not easy at the best of times and so restricted on what we can do .

Yes I totally understand how and why they make things so difficult but it's not hard to see a genuine claim from a false one !! . Makes me so angry .

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So wrong isn't it x


Hi there,

just a couple of points

1. Make sure you send in all the evidence you have relating to your disibility, get a copy of your medical notes including your presciption history to prove that it is a long term problem.

2. If you have not had your face to face interview then try to record everything that is said during it as I found out the person doing the interview does not always put down what you said in answer to their questions, after my interview I received their answer and it said that I answered all of the questions and I did not get any points when i read further the answeres the guy had put down were nothing like what I had replied to his questions and he put me down as not requiring any help for either care or mobility I contacted them and told the woman that what they had in their report was nothing like what i had repied to the guy the woman on the phone said that there is nothing they caan do as they have to work of the report I said that I have a recording of the interview on my cctv system and was happy to send a copy so they could seee that they guy was lieing so in the end they arranged a new interview and when I recived the new reply it gave me the higher leval of mobility and the standard leval for care and also added that they do not need to reasses me for 10 years by which time I will be retired and then they do not reasses peopleand you stay at the leval you were on on the date of your retirment until you die

do not rely on them to contact your doctor to get any facts as most doctors just put down a couple of lines and then return the form they were sent, if you do not send them any evidence they will judge your case on what you send.

Regards Poppy Ann

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Hi poppy

Thank you for replying to me, yes I sent every thing to them every specialists letters I copyed my prescriptions list also added more information with the questions they asked the envelope was bulging I put extra stamps on just in case.

I also photocopy the form filled that in first read it threw added more if needed or less or changed it if I go for assessment I will take it with me.

I also added the last statement saying how far I can walk etc from there doctors I've done all I can let's see what happens next.




Hi again,

Have you had the face to face interview yet? how far have you put down how far you can walk? always put down the worse you are and never put down yyour best or they will take your best as the standard and not bother with your worse if you have said you can walk 50 meters on your best days and 5 on your worse they will ignore the 5 meter one always state how far you can walk without pain not how fare you can get putting up with pain.

I put down 0 meters on my bad days as i can not even get out of bed and between 5 and 20 on good days as I always have pain when I stand up I stated that on my best days I cannot manage to walk all the way to my car without a rest also I put down that I get most of my shopping online and delivered also I put down when I have food delivered I get whoever delivers it to carry it to my kitchen.

put down everything you have to do to help you cope with your disability I have several of the grab stick's so i can pick things up from the floor and to help me dress as I cannot manage to get down to my feet all my shoes are slip on and no lace up's.

also if you need help to get in and out of bed make sure you put it down and how much help you need in your day to day activertys as that will count to the care component of PIP.

good luck with your claim.

regards Poppy Ann.


My original one in 2015 took 4 months from the first phone call to the first payment my recent review I sent forms back and they received them around 22nd March the decision was made 20th July which was a month after my f2f. and I got the actual brown envelope on the 28th July which I have done a mandatory reconsideration and still waiting but first time I had no problems and was with in their time lines but at my f2f the woman told me there is a lack of assessors and back logs that I could expect it to take 8 wks from that appointment . It is very stressful and does seem to drag on. I am constantly watching for my postman to see what he brings .

I hope it all goes well for you x


Thank you I've put down every think and then reading what you have said I think I've got it wrong I put less than 30 metres but it's true I'm always in bed my husband is my carer he does everything for me which I said on my forms and I put no to all the questions which is also true I'm going out of my mind thinking I should of said this or that but when your ill it's very hard xxx

Good luck vondahue with yours


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