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I am waiting for my review for pip,like most other people it's a waiting game because of the amount of people claiming,I sent my forms back 4 to 5 weeks ago thinking it would be about 12 weeks ,so Wednesday I thought I would just give them a ring see if they had any idea yet on the waiting time and the lovely lady who I spoke to offered me a number of days this week due to cancellations ,so I have now had my appointment yesterday seen in a different office to last time it was new clean and the staff second to none and the lady who did the interview was lovely and really was understanding so now I wait again for the outcome ,t8 be honest I had no problems the first time so I might be a lucky one but I believe these people only have a job to do and it must be stressful for them meeting targets as it is for us waiting ,so my advice if waiting just to ring atos yourself every few days and maybe you can get offered a cancellation, My husband as done this on my behalf thank you have a nice day

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I had my assessment for PIP on Christmas Eve! It went through ok, loads of people didn't turn up (probably because it was CHRISTMAS EVE!) The assessment went really well and we had a positive result within 6 weeks. Maybe I was a lucky one but I took every letter, every appointment record, every scan result etc with me so I could give evidence for everything I was claiming. I really think that it helped enormously, the nurse said that she didn't need to do much in the way of a physical examination as the evidence was so compelling.

I agree that phoning every so often will probably get you a cancellation , the people at the assessment centre said they get a lot of 'no shows'

Best of luck 😊

My problem wasn't getting the assessment appointment, it is the awfully long wait for a decision afterwards. I have been so stressed out as my DLA runs out on Friday and my blue badge, which can't be renewed without PIP decision. I have rang upset with them and all they can say is that there still isn't a decision and will try to speed things up.

I really know how you feel but if you sit and think how many are been done and all in the same boat ,my symptoms have worsened since first time I have developed fibromyalgia on top of my problems at my interview I was so bad my hubby was lifting pop to my mouth and wiping my tears as my arms could not lift due to pain I was in my wheelchair I told her I can't go out alone after my health problems stopping me there is also the fact I was sexually attacked at work to which I have severe panic attacks I also have pericarditis which on a bad day is enough with all the rest a okay is been able to be helped have a shower and use my stair lift to get down stairs as 6 steps and I have done it,then a good good day is to be taken out and go in my week chair a walk 1 hour I am shattered my beautiful grandchildren come to see me that I am shattered and don't even move of chair,I am only 52 and I really feel what's the point !!!I would love to sleep and wake up just for a day pain free like I suppose all of us,anyway back to the point sorry I went on ,it takes me up to a hour to type this,it Have now received forms from other benefit esa to fill in and go threw all the same again but I suppose it's a thing that has to be done ,what gets me is all the people from overseas who come set up and get everything ,ok something needs to be done people and more so children should not live like that in the horrible camps but we are full but that's for another forum love Di xx Good look let us know what happens xx

Hi Di,

I too have severe medical problems which include being on a breathing machine 10-12 hours a day to keep me alive and mobility issues due to spinal injury and fibromyalgia. Anyway, after a couple of phone calls to blue badge people, they got on the case and spoke to DWP. I have now been issued a new blue badge for another year whilst they are making a decision.

Oversea people should not get priority over those UK residents who really need the help.

Good luck with ESA application. x

Thank you and keep in touch about anything you want x

Hi I have found out today I have been awarded pip until 2021 so I asked my hubby to type this up ,such good news I wait now for esa at least he's gone the downing street wolf

Really pleased for you

Hugs Liz xo

Thanks liz xx

Also had news my next lidocaine infusion is 3rd June don't like them hate the cannula in the back of my hand I know it's not as big as the epidural needle but it hurts more and when they can't get it in thank goodness my doctor is great any way it will give me a bit of relief for a while so with this and my pip I am lucky today in a kinda way

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