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here we go had no sleep feel sick n has loose stools eeeeks n im off for my assessment today hopefullly this 1 will go ahead! in so much pain i just dont know what to expect they shudnt speculate on what u wear n also body language i mean would they judge kerry catonia or catherine zeta jones hmmmm nope they wont n they have same as me wtf is wrong with this situation i feel like jackin it all in im scared worried

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Only just seen this. Hope it went OK.


Awww be brace hun I had mine last weds I know how ur feeling let's keep positive and look out for each other x

pennybobs1 in reply to Deejojo

i would like to know how u get on please deejojo x

i dunno how it went i werent really listening my friend sed most ov talkin i cudnt even look at the assessor fingers crossed she mist out quite afew ov the questions think she was shockd at the carrier bag ov meds thanks for replying 😊

Relax! Keep your answers short & to the point,try not to babble. Tell them what it's like for you on a bad day. If you don't understand a question, ask them to repeat. You can take a friend with you,although only you can answer their questions. Take a deep breath and tell yourself, you can do this. Good luck! Keep us updated. 👍

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