PIP success!

Just wanted to let those you who have listened to me moan on over the last months.....I have been awarded the Pip benefits, enhanced rate for both components! I am over the moon! My first purchase will be a wheelchair so I can get out and enjoy life with my family at last. I can't tell you what a relief it is to know the assessor really understood the difficulties I go through every day and now I have a little extra to help with the expense of living with my conditions. The award is for ten years. It won't make my pain any better but at least I can maybe afford some extra treatment now, and I won't have to worry about doing all the extra laundry that incontinence brings because I can afford to put the washer and dryer on more.

It has been a long wait, and a stressful one, but it is over and its time to concentrate on living. I will be moaning again no doubt, but not for another day or two at least! ;-)

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  • Hurrah, really pleased for you! Have sent you a pm x

  • And you deserve every single penny.

    Brilliant news.

    Pat x

  • Thank you x The best feeling of all is knowing I'm not going to be such a burden on my family. Now I can really get some help relieving the strain on us all. I'm so greatful that I live in a country where help is available to me. Its going to make such a difference. X

  • Congratulations I too have just been awarded enchanted rates for both it will definatley help our lives a little bit easier x

  • Thank you, isn't it a great feeling? Congrats to you too, yo7r story gave me hope while I was waiting to hear my decision, thank you for sharing it with me. X

  • Hi just wanted to know if you was awarded first time? Ive been turned down but will appeal.

  • Hi yes this was the first time I've claimed for pip yes appeal x

  • It was my first time. Make sure you appeal, never give up. X

  • I hope you have put your appeal in, do not give in fight all the way, they often bank on people giving in at the first hurdle.your worst days in detailed explanation, surgeons report about what plans they have to help manage your pain and the meds you are taking are the key areas you need to provide to prove your case.any questions please feel free to ask.

    I got my PIP award also.hope this gives you the boost to go for it.

  • (I've just noticed you wrote "enchanted" rates.... Made me giggle!:-D

  • Lol bloody ipad! X

  • I have the same problem with my Hudl....and my sausage fingers! Lol! X

  • So h

  • That is wonderful news I'm really happy for you! the world's your oyster!

  • Ehehe thank you...my Nana always used to say "the world's your lobster"! She was a little bit nutty my Nana!;-) :-D

  • Awwh I think being nutty is a good quality it'd be boring if we were all 'normal'!

  • So happy for I have just been awarded pip after struggling for 5years. A long battle first thing I brughtwas a mobility aid with a seat to push a long so I can sit down cause INA lot of pain with back it has made such a differance it has given me back my independence have to work on my confidence now so I wish you well

  • Oh that's a great aid to buy yorkie369, I might get one of those too. They are more versatile than wheelchairs for every day use. I just can't wait to join in life again! :-)

  • Hi not read your prevoius post. Was your pip award for endometriosis.? Did you get it first time ?

  • Lol, no bobmarley, not sure where you have that idea from! I have a prolapsed disc, spondylosis and arthritis in my spine with degenerative changes, and spinal chord compression which has caused permanent nerve damage to my bladder, making me completely incontinent of urine. Most of my pain is sciatica but my lumbar region goes into painful spasms preventing me from standing.

  • Congratulations, I am sure you will be enjoying all the benefits that goes with this this. Independence at last! I was turned down and at the time just didn't have it in me to appeal. I am thinking of reapplying as I am worse now than two years ago. I have very similar symptoms as you so I shall go and see if I can see your previous posts. Hoping to pick up some good advice regarding your claim. Wishing you all the best. Ann

  • Please do reapply Annie. You say you have similar symptoms to me and I have been awarded the enhanced rate in both components. When you are ready for an assessment feel free to message me and I will tell you all about mine. If you want to of course you can message me any time and we can swap coping tips! X

  • I have decided to leave it till January as I have the council coming to install central heating. That is enough drama for this year! I will be in touch and let you know how I get on and if I need any help. Thanks Ann

  • Ur post had come under Endometriosis.

  • How odd! Sorry to confuse you, I'm not really sure why that happened as I have never spoken about endometriosis to my knowledge. Must have confused more than us bobmarley1971 so I will check that out. Sorry x

  • Well done to get through all that stress, glad it will be very useful to you and there for the next ten years, pity it was not for life so enjoy the use it will serve for you, take care

  • Thank you. Ten years seems like a long time and a lot can change. I might get better in which case I won't need the PIP or I may get worse so if PIP is still around then I should still be able to claim. I'm expecting the worse but hoping for the best. :-)

  • Hello Zed T

    Omg you have some awful health problems it would be a disgrace if you did nt get the enchanted rate lol ( enhanced) but it's certainly well deserved .i got a wheelchair from GP I don't know if you need a more specialised one but one I got was brand new and basic one but might mean you can spend money on you and the family .anyway congratulations enjoy spending you deserve a better life that money can help with .

    Take care

    Love squeak xx

  • Oh thankyou squeak, lol I don't know if my enchanted rates are different from the enhanced ones, but they do seem rather magical right now! So I could ask my GP for a wheelchair? I didn't know that, thank you! I will ask. My GPs have not got much of my trust or regard sadly, but I have other health professionals who support me and I feel that they have my back when it comes to asking the GP for anything. I have only seen the same GP the last three appointments and he seems more switched on shall we say. I'm speaking to him next week so I will give it a go - thank you for that tip. As for the spending...well it is nearly Christmas, so I'm off to our local disability shop to find me some helpful doodahs....sad, but great! I've just ordered some Brolly sheets too for wet nights. Why is everything so expensive for disability aids I wonder? Shopping has taken a weird turn, who would have thought it would be so much fun choosing something to help put your socks on?!!! Lol xxx

  • Things like wheelchairs used to be dealt with at the local hospitals in a special dept, but in the previous Tory re-arrangement of the NHS, things changed. Do you have, or have you had, a social worker or Occupational Therapist anytime recently?

    They are able to assess for some disability aids, so you would not need to spend your PIP on stuff like that. I worked for twelve years as a Welfare Rights and Debt Adviser and was able to help clients get things. Also most large towns have a local charity or Poor Land Trust, that was set up when the common lands were taken away so people were no longer able to collect fuel free "by hook or by crook". They initially gave help with fuel, but have expanded to include other neccessities. If you have not had a social worker or OT recently, and live in England or Wales you can ask Social Services for an assessment for your needs. See :- gov.uk/apply-needs-assessme...

    Hope this is helpful


  • Social wOrker told me GP fills out a form so I asked my GP she asked why then took my weight and height and although it took two months it was brand new with cushion and foot things . I live in the East Midlands so not sure if your nearby . Gook luck my brother bought mum one and it was£300. Only difference is it's lighter . Anyway I am so pleased for you take care love squeaky xxx

  • Hmm, well I have a Health and Wellbeing Coordinator so I will ask her advice first I think. The trouble is I live in East Cheshire which is considered a wealthy area, so we have less available resources under the NHS. But if I ask and the answer is no my backdated PIP will pay for one. The one I fancy is £370 and they measure you to make it. I don't mind paying really, that's what I see PIP is for, but if you don't ask you don't get so I will try. Thank you for your help squeaky. Xxx

  • So pleased for you that must be a great relief enjoy spending on your wheel chair make sure you get the best you can :)

  • Thank you fvee...it really IS a wonderful feeling. And do you know, I slept for five hours last night for the first time in a year. Its the relief I think. X

  • Thats great news.

  • What a relief for you.

    It's good to hear some good news.

  • great news

  • AH THAT'S REALLY GOOD AND I WISH YOU WELL (SORRY ABOUT CAPITALS) it really is a relief for you, as too much stress is not good for you as those of us that live with it know to our cost and this lot in power spread it about like butter, creating bile by the mile in the community, but you have my best wishes for your future.

  • Congrats

  • Well done :), I'm new here, though was previous receiving DLA and just had my transition to PIP. It's not easy. Have a lovely Christmas.

  • Hi Amy PS! Thanks and welcome to this forum. It isn't easy is it? But at least its over now....for ten years at least! I'm concentrating on making my life as comfortable as I can now and looking forward to living a better quality of life. The extra money is a real help in doing that. My new wheelchair comes this weekend and I'm going Christmas shopping with my eldest daughter. I had now way of doing that before, so already life is improved.:-)

  • Wowee, zoom zoom (wheelchair). Yes had DLA and now transition over with and receiving PIP. I tend to use Shopmobility when going to town. I pre-book and use a motorised scooter £3 for the entire day - well worth the money, bliss to do the shopping, more so for Christmas shopping. Have fun xxx P.S. Thanks for the welcome :)

  • Lol...yep, All shoppers beware, I'm on the lose! Ooooo I would really like to try a motor scooter thingy...I'm going to see if shop mobility is in the town I'm shopping in now, thanks for that idea. My 22 year old might have trouble keeping up....can you fit much shopping on them? Do they come with trailers???;-) xxx

  • Depends on the scooter - the one I book, it has a basket, loads of space beneath feet etc so can do a lot of shopping :)

  • Congratulations. I've just put in my change of circumstances to include rheumatoid arthritis as I spent two years in appeal and decision was based on my health a long time. Been dreading changing cos it means going from DLA to pip and really couldn't imagine another year of appealing. But my health demands that I need the higher rate and mobility is such that I'm housebound and have no independence. Fingers crossed (if I could cross them) it won't be the usual struggle as I'm not sure I'm up for the battle. Glad you got what you needed to improve life and all the best fr the future x

  • What an old deal for you to be going through, I'm very sorry to hear that. If I could offer any advice it would be to focus on what you can't do rather than your conditions. You really have to make them understand what you are like at your very worst. Pain makes us tired and the effort of pushing through things makes us breathless and exhausted so although we may be able to do things once or twice the constant discomfort and misery from coping with severe pain, medication side effects and the mental strain too, all adds up to a very difficult day and a genuine struggle to do the everyday things others take for granted. This is what you have to get across. I asked what profession my assessor was so I could understand what perspective she might have on my illness. She was an RGN, lucky for me because I am too, so I was able to explain in a slightly different manner than to say a Dr or physio. I cried because it upset me talking about what I've lost, I made a noise when I was uncomfortable on the stupid chair And my hubby carried my bag. I couldn't sit on the low couches in the waiting area and made that very clear. I took in and showed my wet clothes because I had to stop and change on the journey there, yucky I know but effective in proving how difficult things can be. She didn't examine me because she could SEE I was in pain. I took my painkillers mid interview, and I described in graphic detail every part of my day, even private things. These must have helped to show my struggles. I really hope you achieve the ben fit award and aren't left waiting for months. I think they may have started to speed things up now, so good luck. Xxx

  • Ordeal!!! Not old deal! Bloody Hudl! :-D

  • Hurrah, well done, I recently got my award for the higher rate mobility also.

  • Congrats!! In USA, we can get SS Disability. I remember how thankful and at the same time how humble I was the day I was awarded.

  • Thanks USAhousewife :)

    PIP is relatively new in UK and has been fraught with problems and backlogs. The assessment process is rigorous and for me the lead up to it was worse than the actual day. i have heard of many people not receiving an award, only to receive one after they have appealed, which to me shows the inadequacies of the system.

    However, I truly am grateful for my decision and it already has meant a huge relief for me and my family. I still work (20 hours a week), and will do for as long as i can. But the payments have meant that i have a safety net if i have to take time off, which i have just recently, as i was hospitalised and had to take 4 weeks off. i do not receive sick pay from my company so, with the help of PIP, I can recover properly before going back, which is a huge pressure taken off. X

  • hi ZEDT i am so happy for you you can now relax i had my home assesment on the 16th of june i got a letter 2 weeks ago 2 say they had all the information now to make a decision that was sent out on the 26th of july not heard anything yet ,do you mind me asking how long was it before you had your assesment and got a decision ,xxx

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