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Punched in the chest

I was punched in the chest 9 days ago. It's still really bruised and hurts very much. Today I feel and hear a slight pop when breathe. I really do not like going to doctor. Besides, at this point in my life, I am 100% penniless. I had a right thoracotamy 20 years ago to remove 2 tumors that were displacing my esophagus and trachea due to Castlemans Disease. I'm concerned the blow either broke a rib (upper right side) or my lung has collapsed.

On top of all of this, it was my husband that punched me. Not looking for sympathy not lectures. Police were called but he did not go to jail. I should have waited til the following day when the bruises started showing. I have no choice but to live under the same roof.

I need any feedback as far as the chest pain. It's unbearable today

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Hi I am so sorry to hear this. I am afraid no one on here can give medical advice or diagnose what the problem if any is. I hear what you say but you do need to see a doctor.

In your position I would go to the police and report it. Hopefully you can get this man locked up where he can't hurt you again. I do understand this can be very difficult though so it has to be your decision. Is there a battered woman's helpline you can all for advice? Or even do it online.

Can you access any help to leave this abusive man? Family? Friends? Local services? I wish you the best. x

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OK you have asked for help medically but you must realize your pain and your husband causing it are linked.

Whether you like Doctors or not they are the only ones who can help. Find out what is causing the pain and prescribe treatment and or meds.

You can go to A&E. Your own GP. Call out duty Doctor or at least ring NHS24. Nonef this costs one penny..

There is help if you do wish to take anything further but I will not judge unless this is a cry for help.

Take care and Good Luck...we are all behind you here



Pretty shocking, especially with your previous health conditions, are you based in the UK? Domestic violence is up there with a big no in society, so if you've sustained a rib fracture it's awfully painful and most of the time it's left to its own devices, myself personally I would be down at either A&E, or at least seen by a doctor, and whilst living under the same roof I would imagine your living on your wits end, have you got any family nearby who maybe could put you up for a couple of nights? Don't make any excuses for this man, and just because he didn't go to jail does this make everything alright, definitely not, so you need to be safe and secure and away from him,so myself being a male and don't like any form of violence,I urge you to start thinking about different options in your life, otherwise the vice like grip he might have on you has to be released, whether it be physical, emotionally or financially, and once you get your physical symptoms sorted out try and get any other support that's available, amd I suppose he's even watching every move you make, just to make matters even worse, so just cover all your tracks, as the last thing you need is another violent outburst, and try to get some medical advice, I'm sorry that it's not a magic wand that can make all your problems disappear, but there are plenty of agencies that can help you, thanks


So sorry to hear of your predicament.

Don't you think you should go to hospital to get this checked out? I'm surprised the police didn't take you to the hospital.

Surely the immediate priority is your health and when you have this diagnosed and treated, your future safety.

How far away is the nearest A&E ? If you can't get a lift there then could you try 111 see if they will arrange patient transport. If you phone Out-of-hours GP for emergency appoinment they should arrange transport to get you there. If you need hospital investigation / treatment they should transfer you. You shouldn't have to pay for a taxi.

Have you tried the National Helpline number. I think they understand that people have nowhere to go, I called it the other day before putting on here for another poster - but she's in another country. It's freephone from landlines and mobiles if you have privacy to give them a call sometime. Will look it up again and post.

I am not medically qualified but surely even a doctor couldn't diagnose you without seeing and examining you.

With your medical history and this pain - please go and get it checked out.

Sending Love



Hi again Mattie. Are you in the UK? I thought you were, looked at your profile but it doesn't say. So not sure.

24 hr National helpline numbers in UK (if you decide to phone to see what support is available) :

Women's Aid /Domestic Abuse :

0808 2000 247

option 1 to speak to someone anonymously or press option 3 to hear recorded information. All support is confidential.


0808 16 89 111

Perhaps if you decide to go to hospital and want the police involved again then the staff will help you with that.

If you just prefer to get the injury treated then it should be in confidence.

I have heard that injured ribs take a number of weeks to heal, but you are also concerned about your lung and that sound when breathing. As far as I am aware any sound when breathing is a Medical emergency whether or not caused by an injury.

All the best with getting a diagnosis that will put your mind at ease and treatment (if only pain relief) as necessary.

Lots of Love




Hi again. I understand you really don't like going to the doctor. Don't know anyone who does. But sometimes it's necessary, don't you think? You've probably had more than enough of hospitals given your medical history.

Founds these 24 hr National helpline numbers on the US website


800-799-SAFE (7233)


800- 787-3224 (TDD)

Haven't checked them out though!

More info about support available on the website.





Included in menu are:

Financial -

Patient Advocate Foundation Toll free: 1-800-532-5274


NeedyMeds - helps people who cannot afford medicine or health care costs.


Is this information of any use to you. You quite possibly know of this already if so, please forgive me. Thought it might be of some help. I haven't checked out any of the numbers as am.in UK, hopefully they are up to date.

Hope you find out what's wrong with your chest very soon.

Thinking of you.



Hi Mattie

How's the chest pain, any more bearable yet?



Dear Mattie,

Sorry but THIS IS A MATTER FOR THE POLICE! This man assaulted you, married or not, he hurt you SO badly you are still suffering NINE days later....... What?

As regards your questions, regarding your health, I would see your Doctors/Consultants- they are the people who know about you.

Sorry to hear that you are suffering so.

I know that we all wish you well, please DO report this assault though.

Kindest wishes



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