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Has anyone got an opinion that can help??

Hi I've been taking pregabalin 25mg twice daily for my chronic back pain (doesn't help the spasms tho). I spoke to the pain nurse and she has me reducing them, as even though it's only a small dose I've been putting weight on (which I'm fat anyway) and had a few headaches! My dilemma is that my pain is coming back in my back!!! Over the next few weeks I'm looking after my grandchildren which I've not been able to do for so long! So I've decided to carry on taking the pregabalin.... Am I doing the right thing??? Advice/opinion wanted as I'm not sure what to do!!! I know there's only me that can decide really but the pregabalin does help me so much!!!!! Huff don't know what to do for the best!!!!

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If it stops the pain it's a no-brainer. Keep taking them and keep an eye on the calories you are consuming if you are worried about your weight. Enjoy your grand kids! Best wishes

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.Hello BOB here

You have not said, regards Pain Clinic, why did they withdobraw Pregababalin ?.

What medications are you taking now?.

If the medication has been withdrawn there will be a good reason why, so that will relate to the treatment you are receiving now.

All the best B


Hi bob, it's because I was concerned about the weight I'd put on whilst taking it and feeling headachy!


Hello Debbie

Bob here

I did not expect this to go through, they have been doing upgrdes for the last twenty mins, I thought that I had lost everything from this am

All the medications we take are really bad for weight gain, although there may be alternatives, has the pain clinic advised on alternative medications, as the one you were taking does really help many people.

If the pain clinic has said take or not take fair enough, keep taking them, we all need to make these decisions and it is a matter of do the medication results outweigh the contra indications.

What are you taking now as again you need to see either the hospital or GP to decide what way to go now.

I suppose if you are looking after the Grandchildren it may be a good idea to take them while being with them, again this is a trade off for the relief that the medication gives to your condition. Only youGP and Pain Clinic can make that decision

Remember all medications all have contraindications, some are quite nasty, we need to ask ourselves do I take that decision when I know the benefit of that medication has.

Basically it is the three of you that make that decision, there is no quick fix here, sorry

All the best



Bob thanks for your reply, they have only told me to stop taking them as I said I was worried about my weight gain etc... So it's my choice to stop! But I did think why are they not offering me an alternative. At the moment I only phone them and speak to a pain nurse... as I have no follow up appointment with doctor!!! I did actually say to the nurse in the TENs clinic when I went for that, that I feel like I've been given these tablets and been abandoned to get on with it.. She told me that the doctor had written that he had advised me how to take them... (Long story)he didn't ..... just told me to take tablets at night!!!! I went to my gp in the end and he told me to take them twice daily. There was a man in the TENs clinic tho monitoring what went on and he took loads of notes.... Oh when saw pain doc in May he said he would do some acupuncture... There's at least a six month waiting list for that!!!!! Sorry it's been a long one! Wanted to get it off my chest!!!!


If they're helping with the pain and it means you can enjoy your grandchildren then perhaps that's a compromise you have to make. I think it's often about compromise with pain management. I no longer take the usual chronic pain meds such as pregabalin because the side effects were greater than any pain relief (which was minimal). I'd rather have the pain than the foggy brain, but that's a very individual choice.

My other half is on medication for a non-pain condition and gained a lot of weight as a side effect. He's very slowly managed to shed the weight and keep it off by gradually cutting down on sugar and fat - the occasional treat hasn't set him back. It's not been easy for him but he says it's not impossible to manage the weight problem and still take the pills that keep him well, and that to be completely honest he has no choice but to take.

I hope that gives you a bit of hope, but I do understand your dilemma- it's hard enough coping with pain without also having to watch your body change shape when you don't want it to.


So Bob has the best advice - me - my daughter visits friday - this is sooo important and I will take whatever I need. That's the crap things about kids - the whole what you will give up for them...Ok you drop dead in the next fortnight would you have taken "what will get you through" because that is what you are really asking - right????


Hello Bob Here

When in chronic pain we are always making choices, as do medical staff, regarding treatments. We know the problems, there is a long list in tthe packet of tablets.

When we have an operation the Specialists tell you the risks involved when having it also the risks may be pointed out if you do not go through it.

Life is always full of risks, that is it, life is a bitch, it is part of what we are so that we learn.

Over many years of medications, I suffer been well overweight, I have taken the courses and failed miserably, again it it is life choices so what can be done. Is it right to be rolling around the floor or been able to be as comfortable as possible, that always falls back on our lap. Ask yourself how would I function without these medications.

The Hospital staff ride upon your decision, they are letting you decide.

I am so sorry it is like that, I am going on a course of medication that makes my immune system crash, I

have just got the box with all the gear as I will need to give my own injections after been shown. Now I know the contra indications can possibly make me very ill, what do I do This is all to do in making tough choices, life is not easy

All the very best enjoy your Grandchildren,



Good luck with your new meds. X


Think what you would feel like if you didn't take any pain relief! As a Gran myself I would say you need as much as you can take.

However you do need to get back to the PC nurse. They are very good and often as knowledgeable as the consultants.

You mentioned acupuncture too? That is worth going on the waiting list. David has a programme where he receives it every 6 weeks and helps those horrible muscle spasms.

Weight gain is so easy and yet so hard to rid of. You are less active and often food is a comfort for the pain. Easy to say exercise more and eat less.

Have a lovely time with your Grandchildren - they grow up all too fast.

Pat x.


Hi am on them 2 but am on 300 mg they do help but make me a wee bit sleepy lol maybe ask ur doc to refer u to pain clink x


Hello BOB here

Just sent an E MAIL to you, you are on 300mg, of what

You say you were involved in a couple of accidents, I recommend that you see your GP asap.

Did you visit A and E after you were hurt , IF SO WHAT DID THEY DO.

All the Best



Just you carry on with the pain relief that helps you...

Am on baclofen 10 mg for spasm relief...

It takes the edge away but doesn't give me full relief...

Take Care



Pain relief and weight gain is a nightmare but sadly a reality that a lot of us face daily. Last time I saw my specialist he said some very wise words.

' Quality of life is the most important thing we can try and attain with your condition, I know you worry about taken so many meds and that you have put on weight but when you first walked through my door you were begging me to put you to sleep. I am pleased that pain management has reached the stage where you at least fell like you now have choices.'

He was so right, I go for pain relief every time.



Ah! Pregabalin, well if you live with pain and you obviously are, then once you know as much as the doctors, it's up to you how you use them (there is the blurb on the packet) but on different days and different ailments there is only one real answer and it must come from your own body and mind, and as long as you mind the dangers then just take them when you need them most, for From my own experience they are very potent and do work in proper doses, but I find there are just too many side effects to take continuously , so I think if you know all the problems then be very careful and please try and move as much as pain allows and then you will get the best of both worlds, three if you count good cakes and all things in moderation then you will be in control a bit more ( or at least feel you are in a bit more control ) But pregabalin works wonders if you move as much as you can, it's hard I know and good luck because I know just what pain can do to you if you allow it to control your every thought


It was overtaking all my thoughts when I was out.... This medications has done wonders for me. I decided to carry on with it until pain management can perhaps offer something else! I am also watching more of what I eat as the nurse told me how it works.. I gotta be honest I thought my thyroid had gone overactive again until she told me how the pregabalin works through your body!!!!!!


Hi deb

Lots of good advice. Can u share what/how pregabalin works through body my nurse didn't say. Have read the leaflets and been on for years & I too was beginning to think it was thyroid as I have gained so much weight.


The nurse told me that it makes the food in your stomach leave it faster!!!! That's why I feel so hungry!!!! ( a lot like being overactive as I'd said!) Also told me that it makes you crave either sugary or fatty food.... I crave both!!!! I have stopped giving into it so much as I have a lot of weight on me anyway!!! She advised that mid morning have a cup a soup. The mid afternoon have some makes sense really but the cravings were really bad some days... Now I am more aware of what happens I can control it more, I have a sweeter cup of tea perhaps... Hope this helps you. Xxx


I must be a rarety as pregabalin at the moment has not added to my weight!! I am currently taking 50-60mg liquid x2 daily along with amitriptyline 40mg nocte. For two occasions having breakfast, my TV was moving so driving was not advised I thought! Saw a gp and recommended sticking at current dose - sleep superb maybe a little too much!! I have been asked to rise to 300mg x2 of Preg and 100mg of amitriptyline but don't think I need such a high dose but I am letting my body decide along with my gp and pain clinic consultant. Take what you are given upto a point but be mindful of contraindications and side effects - if you don't like see a gp/nurse before changing any meds. I am keeping a meds diary to help when I go back to see the pain clinic, so whenever I have a strange side effect of change doseage I write a note! A useful tip I think! Hope this helps all!


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