Living in pain

I have now got to the point where my pain is restricting me. My days consist of napping and lying down all day! I'm so sick of this pain - it has taken over my life. I feel like I can never win, everytime I go out I end up exhausted and in really intense pain. :( Yesterday was the worst - my left knee was in an incredible amount of pain and I broke down completely. Why is this happening to me? Urghh it's so frustrating ....

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  • I understand that you are waiting to see a specialist but I would have thought that in the mean time your GP could be addressing the issue of poorly managed pain. I would go back and ask for your pain medication to be reviewed. It might also be worth asking if the pain could possibly be originating from another problem, not necessarily the cp.

    Hope you get some relief soon


  • Thank you for your reply but I already did and was told that all I can do is wait. I will try natural remedies, let's see how that goes

  • look up Moringa and Diatomaceous, all natural

  • Will do, thanks!

  • I'm very sorry to hear what you are going through, you'll find loads of empathy on this board.

    Your days seem alot like some of mine. I often feel I am too young to deal with this, and I am in my 40's! I can't even begin to imagine what it is like for you at your age.

    I could give a ton of cliches, but you can get those anywhere.

    Just know you are not alone in stuff like this, and you can always get support here.

    I know nothing about CP, but if your back goes, I'm the guy to give you some ideas :)

    On my really bad days when I can't move at all, I have started listening to AudioBooks, it makes the time disappear, and moves my pain to a different part of my brain, just a suggestion.....

    Fingers crossed for you,


  • Aww thank you so much, I have been listening to music every time I'm in pain to try and distract myself but now I don't even know what to think anymore... I don't know if it's due to cp or what!!

  • I love listening to music as well, I try to lose myself in it, but on bad days the pain breaks through. That's why I'm so glad for good audiobooks, you can just lie back, shut your eyes and focus on it. I tend to get more drawn in and less disturbed by the pain.

    Still feel it of course lol but not as disturbing.

    Everyone finds there own way too deal. Unfortunately there is not one quick and easy solution.

    I truly hope you find the thing that works for you, and quickly.

    Wish I could help more


  • Hi aap

    The most important thing to do is to get the right meds at the right strength, but in the meantime try meditation, you can google something called mindfulness which can be a great help.

    This website is brilliant , if you read it regularly you will be able to find tittle snippets that you can relate to, the specialist (bless them!!) can only read from a manual but the people here are very knowledgable about pain and its treatment. I found out about Amitripline on a website and after discussing it with my GP he put me on it

    With a thing like chronic pain don't just sit back and wait for you GP to rid you of it because he can't , it's such a complex condition so he needs your help to help you, so if you find something that you think might help take the info to your GP and if he's happy he can then prescribe it.

    So keep reading and remember, never let the buggers get you down


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