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Cervical spondylosis


Well that's 3 weeks now I've had the pain in my neck, shoulder & arm, was out Saturday night with the girls but had to come home early as the pain just wouldn't ease at all, I had 6 sevredol tablets that day plus around 7 drinks in total, usually when I'm out alcohol numbs the pain, didn't numb it at all. Spent most of Sunday in bed, slept on & off all day. Got physio on 4th July, just hope that helps, been awake since 5.30am, had 2 sevredol with paracetamol, it's taken the edge off but just can't get comfy enough to sleep, going to phone doctors at 8 to get an appt, will see if they'll give me 30 mg. Fingers crossed, hope everyone has a nice day with little pain.

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