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I have good news. My pain has diminished since last week. I went to a consultant at Bupa Health Centre in the City and he pressed on my spine when he visited me.

He diagnosed pinched inflamed nerve and told me to take diclofenac instead of other pain killers. He wanted to do the caudal epidural cortisone injection but I told him to wait a bit longer for that. He found my spine and movements ok , except the nerve pain.

He is going to revise me in a week time.

Since then it has improved tremendously and I have managed to do house chores and a bit of gardening. I still feel the tingling into my calf and under my foot heel but it is bearable and after a while goes off on its own. I am still taking amypitrylline and using diclofenac cream on my leg and back of my thigh. I am still waiting for the pain clinic to call but if it carries on as now I will not go. I have been given so much medication in the last two months that did not work on me that I don't' need more.

I tried today to ask for a repeated prescription of the amipitrylline and found so difficult to get the Gp surgery to get it for me. The doc forgot to put repeat on my records so no one wants to give it to

Me. Yet it is a medication you cannot stop at once. I have it for another week but I have to phone in and see if the surgery involved in chemist can do it otherwise other three weeks to see the Gp or have a telephone appointment. They make things easy, don't they???

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Hay it's good to hear some positive news. I have heard that diclorfenic is good but unfortunately I can't take it myself due to sever allergie. Regarding your other medication you need to request a call back then that doctor can sort out the repeat prescription for you. Enjoy your day in the garden and I hope the pain stays away. X

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Diclofenic is a great drug for back pain, but from experience don't use it long term as it does have effects on your heart, as I know suffer with AF and trust me you don't want that as well.

Nice to hear your pain has subsided though

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Pleased to see your positive update on your progress. You might want to attend the pain clinic anyway to learn how to manage pain while you're recovering.

I've seen lots of good reports of the NSAID cream and because it's localised and you're not taking it orally, it seems that the side-effects are relatively minimal.

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Thanks for this info. I am going to try the cream! Best wishes from MA, USA!


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