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I don't know how to explain this but I'll try my best. Ever since around 6 months ago I started getting these fevers. I thought it was my tonsillitis as I used to have that a lot. Now I don't seem to get tonsillitis but my fevers don't go. Every single day around every hour I get this thing where I suddenly feel really hot like I'm on the sun ( yet if someone touches me They'll say I feel cold ). I tried using a thermometer to see if I was hot but it said I was a normal temperature ( yet I felt like I was dying ). Sometimes I will only feel hot for a few minutes but sometimes it's around an hour. Does anyone know what this might be or how I can stop it??? I'm not to keen on going to the doctor as it is hard to explain it.

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  • If you write down on a postcard, or paper about facts and dates and pass it over to your GP/Doctor after you have explained a bit to the Docttor on what you have written here, it will make it easier for you when you see your GP./ Doctor.

    You don't say your age. Some people get the menopause earlier than they expected. Pos around 35 years? And some people get these symptoms from being on certain drugs.Perhaps there is more information you could give us?

  • Of course,,, well I am under 16 and I have never taken drugs ( which aren't medication )

  • Thanx for update, I meant prescription drugs. These can bring on all sorts of side effects.

  • Oh it's only like calpol pouches and I'm taking them to make my fever go away but it's not working

  • If you are a female aged 40 plus you could be going through the change. Also Some medications can cause hot flushes. If your worried about it may be see your doctor to help to put your mind at rest. X

  • I am a female teenager

  • There are several reasons why you might feel hot like this without having a fever. It's worth seeing your GP about it to get some blood tests as thyroid problems can cause this and it's best to rule that out, or start treating it if it turns out to be the problem. It can also be due to hormones (pregnancy or menopause) and stress or anxiety. Another cause can be diet although you'd probably have worked this out if it was the case for you. Spicy food is the obvious case where this happens but caffeine can also cause this.

    There's little point taking calpol for this if you don't actually have a fever. Paracetamol will reduce your temperature if it is raised but you say your temperature is normal.

    I think you've explained it very well and I'm sure your doctor will ask questions to get any extra information he or she needs from you to help with a diagnosis. You'll feel much better if it's treated. It's been about 6 months now so it's worth speaking to your doctor.

  • Thank you, this was very helpful

  • Well a doctor and blood tests is excatly what u need there's no getter out of it . Sounds like yr body has an infection some where .

  • Not the comment I was looking for but thank you aha

  • Do you know what kind of infection I could have

  • I am not a doctor but I think like Blakejess sounds like you have an infection .

  • Do you know what kind of infection it could be

  • Unlikely to be an infection if temperature is normal A blood test would let you know.It could be stress or anxiety when excess Adrenaline is pumped into the blood and makes you feel hot.Try breathing slowly in to count of 6, hold and breathe slowly out, as though down through your toes. Then count to 4 slowly and repeat at least 20 times or for 5 mins.see if that helps

  • Thank you very much

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