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Hi everyone I am a 61 year old women I was in a road accident I was a pedestrian an had life threatening injuries and ones that will be with me for the rest of my life it happened 20 years ago one is problems with my back I have been suffering from pain on the right side lower back and hip and pain in my right leg physiotherapy could not. Help and I was referred back to the pain clinic on good Friday I was getting up from the toilet I had a severe pain in my lower back and both hips and both legs I was stuck and could not move my hips locked and pain in both legs my husband came to help after some time I got up to a stoop I couldn't use my crutches he and my daughter held me I saw my GP and explained my symptoms pain in my lower back pain in both hips pain in groins and both legs and when I stand I feel Exsrucating pain I can not get up or sit when I try to put each leg forward the pains so bad I have to wait for it to calm I can not walk up right I'm using crutches which I have to use as I have no feeling in my feet my I left my GP dictating a letter to the pain clinic but he said to go to hospital if the pain is bad or get stuck hospital gave me injection and could not do a ultra sound scan as there was no one there to do it I had got a quick appointment from pain clinic considering I saw Gp on Tuesday after Easter but it's not until 16 -5-2017 hospital said he needs to ask for appointment sooner and ask for. Ultra sound I don't know when he will hear from the hospital? Has any of you had similar symptoms pains have made me sick even cry

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  • Hi I am so sorry to hear of your pain and all you have been and are going through.

    I have not experienced the injuries you have.

    There was one occassion when I had horrendous pain and couldn't move, sit, stand but it was all down to my severe bowel conditions. My bowels were full and I had obstruction / blockage due to trapped wind in Upper digestive tract and trapped gas low down. So my bowels couldn't move and I suffer with Obstructive Defecation anyway due to Pelvic floor total weaknes, prolapse, Intussuception and Rectocele. The pain and immobility in my case was caused by the pressure on my spine from all of this. The A & E thought it was Sciatica and prescribed Diazepam as a muscle relaxant.

    Hope you get the medical help you need very soon.


  • Thank you for your message

    I am on a lot of medication for pain I have a lot of nerve damage all over pain relief I have OxyContin -Fentnyal Patches -Lidocane Patches -Pregablin- Cocodomol I have Amitriptyline to help me sleep I have Type 2 Diabetes I use Insulin I have High Blood pressure and having problems getting it control and now I have been getting Dizziness even just moving my head when I walk it's a feeling as though I'm drunk 😵 I have to see what's causing it so this problem with my back extra is frighting me


  • I went upstairs too quickly some years ago and did something to my lower spine, then had to go on a long car journey, so by the time I got there I couldn't move one foot even part way in front of the other without severe pain. It was as you say excruciating . Got appt at holiday destination surgery, but it took me 10 minutes to move feet to the surgery reception from a blue badge space near the door. I was put on cocodamol and Naproxin and had to lie on my back for days. When I started to improve I notice by cutting down on the co cocodamol , that the Naproxin was giving me painful stomach ache so had to stop that and carry on with the co codamol. Not good for me with a painful chronic bowel problem, prolapses, rectocele, so had to take Lactolose but getting the dose right was difficult. So after about a week I was able to hobble very slowly about with a stick moving from furniture to furniture and later with private Acupuncture I slowly improved., there is still a small bruise feeling there . So I understand how terrible it is for you. I think you have done well to get an appointment in mid May . From what I have read Most people have to wait months. One thought is, private Physios might have an ultrasound machine. I had this type of treatment several years ago on my neck and shoulder area after a rear shunt.

  • Hi sorry to hear about your dreadful pain &I yes I have had pain sounds like yours &I I have spent many hours crying / screaming in Pain with fleeting thoughts of ending it all, pain is overwhelming still at times but got the right Meds now so I am sum -what back in control , I get a lot of jerks they make me scream in pain &I it's not nice. Good luck I would be back to see GP asking for more help. X

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