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I'm new here. Up in Scotland. I went for an X-ray in december2015. My doctor referred me in Jan2016. Paid for a private consultation in april16 but told the consultant I was going nhs. Been phoning and writing ever since. Not even a date for a pre op. I've been told I need a full knee replacement. I was offered physiotherapist this week. That's now 66 weeks and no date. Is this normal? I now use crutches to get about

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  • when you phone what are they telling you? this is certainly not right i'v never heard of any one waitng a year and 4 months for an appointement. get back in touch with your gp. i would get on my computer tonight if i were you and put in a complaint to the hosptal that you have been referred to by email. this is not normal at all. all the best keep in touch and let us know how you get on. love grace.xoxo

  • It sounds to me as though they have either forgotten you or you weren't put on the NHS list. Ask your G.P to check it out. I waited 6 months to see a pain specialist only to find that my G.P forgot to refer me. Boy was I angry and then had to wait another six months for appointment to come through which was in 3 months time So yes, check to make sure your on the list and let them know that your able to go at short notice if they have a cancellation. Hope you get seen soon. X

  • You really need to emails the hospital s pals complaint s line, I used them at my hospital and it's be great

  • I don't know how big your GP surgery is, but most of them have a secretary that is responsible for referrals, so it might be a good idea to start there.

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