Costochondritis. Please help!!

I've had chest pain for months off and my on. I've been convinced something was wrong with me so I've been to the cardiologist to have my heart checked..ekg...chest X-ray and a ct scan. They all say my heart is fine. My gp thinks I have costochondritis? What do I do about this? It's causing me a lot of anxiety.

It even goes into my back and down my arm, that's when I get scared.

Just hoping maybe someone can help me out. I'm seeing my chiropractor again today. I really hope he can help me

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  • Please try and relax,i know easier said than done!!! I have had this nasty thing since December ,i use hot and cold packs,hot baths ,tramadol ,i know its horrible and hurts bad! I'm sorry i don't know that much more on it,just swollen muscles and nerves,and lots of pain i have a bad cough with mine but my Astma is fine!!! Good luck xx

  • Thanks so much. I've also had a dry cough with mine.. I wonder if that's a common thing? 🤔

    My chiropractor says he can help me so we will see.... lol

  • Yeah that sounds about right, but you did the right thing and Dont always just think that it is the Cos to, it might be your heart, I've had this cos to thing for many years, so i know what your going through, there's a lot of us on here that also have it, so your not alone.


  • Its the rib cage and were they join and the joints in your body become inflamed bit it can be debilitating.

  • Thank you! It is rough. I'm only 25 and don't have any risk factors for heart disease, and I've had a couple test so I'm praying it has nothing to do with my heart

    It's nice to know I'm not alone with this! It's very debilitating

  • You'll be ok, I've had this for Bout30 years or so, they say it is inflammation on the joints of the rib cage. I've been to and fro from hospital lol.

  • It is horrible and it does feel like you are having some kind of heart attack or your ribs have broken, but all you can do is manage the pain and wait until the inflammation has calmed and the pain will ease. it may take a few weeks though, or evn a month. And it may happen again. Try not to worry.

  • Thanks so much for your response. Im hoping it will clear up soon 🙂

  • I'm surprised your cardiologist didn't do a stress test. I realize you're not in any condition to actually do the stress test, but it can be chemically done. I have a lower back issue and I had mine done so they did it chemically. That simply means they give you a chemical that makes your heart beat faster and then they watch it and do its thing.

  • Yeah I haven't had one done. Idk why though. I did have a 48 hour heart monitor... the cardiologist said my heart gets fast but not enough to put me on medication bc she said those type of medications have some bad side effects.

    She said it probably goes faster at times due to anxiety?

  • Mine used to just race when I was on higher doses of prednisone. And the doctors did not seem too concerned about that either.

  • If you can stop stressing it probably hurt less, Costochondritis is inflammation of your ribcage and yes it hurts bad and can make you feel as if your having a heart attack, there are lots of people have this, so your not dying lol, you can look through the internet.

    I hope this might make you a bit better knowing your not alone.

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