Been docs again still looking for answers

So went to docs he went thru run of the mill what painkillers I'm on n the fact that I've done whole course of hydrotherapy physiotherapy n seen pain management n been on all different meds which arent helping so nw waiting to see if I can get the referral bk to hospital now he asked hw I felt about an operation I said if it works to get rid of the pain n give me back a life then I'll try anything but feel again like I'm stuck waiting for something that may not happen as pain management promised so much and was a complete let down the man didn't want to know he made snap assumptions n fobbed off with medications fingers crossed as have now lost job due to this pain n stuck in a rut :-( x

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  • How much self help are you doing? Never mind all the non working drugs - did the pain management teach you coping? Pacing? Alternative therapies?


  • Yea I done all the exercises they gave still do that at home given loads of different painkillers but am epileptic so have to be careful physio was great but had no improvement n pain management basically just repeated the months of what the physio had me doing and did exercises through hydrotherapy just not improving getting to me now just want it sorted :-(

  • OK but didn't pain clinic teach you about pacing yourself? Coping skills?


  • No tbh I don't think he was really taking a lot of what was said in was a very dissapointing appointment after waiting over 13wks for it he was focusing on the sciatica part which I've dealt with for a long time and know my boundaries it was manageable but not since the damage to coccyx area it's knocked me for six, which was what I was there for and told me what I already new from the work the physios done,but basically he rudely dismissed physios efforts like there work was beneath him or at least that's how it was implied but I am thinking about requesting to go back and see someone else as I no a few people who have had really good experience dealing with pain management. I said to him at one part of it that I will try whatever it takes to sort it out as I want to get back to my normal life and work but he didn't want to know he started asking if I was depressed or had mental health issues, I said im only down about the amount of pain n lack of sleep n help offered just want to get back to some normality. I am just stuck which way to turn next to get to bottom of it all really.

  • Good for you - sounds like you thinking what YOU want rather than being told what you can't/

    You saw the number one chief. Sometimes the pain nurse, if there is one, or others who have been through the management course can be far more helpful

    I'm about to go make dinner now it is a bit cooler but can I come back later and chat with you? Or by message if you would prefer?

    Pat x

  • Hey sorry forgot to write back was in quite bit pain had to lie down lol yh I'm on at them constantly ATM I don't wana be just another person they stick on painkillers forever n forget about, I want it sorted to get my life back I hate being stuck hm not able to do anything n love the job I do helping others so fingers crossed sent them a lovely letter too so should get a call from doc again tomos hopefully start going forward x

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