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Sciatica and coccyx pain yr on

Hi I am currently a year on now I had sciatica which was manageable but then had an epileptic seizure and landed hard in concrete on my coccyx and have had bad pain ever since. I have had a cocktail of different painkillers had to stop because of epilepsy on some making it worse n all to no effect and am now on pure codeine and paracetamol using heat patches and water bottles etc, still doesn't help. I use a coccyx cushion to help ease it a bit whilst sat and have done a full course of hydro seen three physios including top one nothing working and have had a meeting with pain management who basically fobbed me off was useless n refused the injections unless it goes on another 6months..dont get that approach at all after a year sufferring alreasy, and yet gp has referred four times for xrays but hospital won't allow it as they say its to much radiation around pelvic area as I do not yet have children this isn't an option because it will do more harm than good, so really im just reaching out to see if anyone can help find light at the end of the tunnel before going bonkers as seeing gp wed. And want this sorted it so bad I have lost my job and quality of life ATM .. just seeing if anyone can recommend alternative or ideas to help I just want to get to bottom of it n get a whole night sleep n back to work any help would be greatly appreciated lol thanks in advance x

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A few years ago my coccyx came out of place I couldn't sit on my bum had to sit to the side. Went to my GP told him my coccyx had come out he told me not to be stupid and refused to refer me this went on for 2 years.

One day I bent down to pick something up off the kitchen floor and couldn't get back up I was by the fridge I opened the door to find a bottle of wine I drank the lot and fell asleep on the floor. My husband came home from work to find me snoring fast asleep on the floor with the empty bottle at the side of me and took me to A&E I was so embarrassed. I was fast tracked to the orthopaedic clinic and sent home to sober up the following week I had a mri scan the week after I went in to day surgery to have my coccyx manipulated felt fantastic could sit properly then the steroid injection wore off the result of the mri showed I prolapse discs so now under the pain clinic having spine blocks


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