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Coccyx pain

My 'back' problems are behaving at the moment since my radio-frequency ablation, although I still have pain from my polymyalgia. However, years ago I had two falls on my coccyx, and it often plays up, especially when sitting. It's playing up at present, and next Sunday I have quite a long car journey.

I've tried various things to sit on, but no improvement.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hello Bob here

If you have just gone through the abalation last week you may find that you have pain from the treatment, even though the treatment is not invasive to the body. It may be that you need to give it time, possibly the lindicane injection has irritated the area so give it say a week

A while ago you said that you had purchased a coccyx cushion use that in the car if required still and that will take away the stress from that area to afford comfort

if it is still not right by that time you will need to see your GP again regarding this procedure.

Also I understand that the treatment afforded to that area may only last between 6-24 months

All the best



Sorry to hear that you are in pain and I hope it settle soon. When I have a long journey ahead I always try to plan it so that I can take lots of stops to stretch and have a break from the car seat. I also take a heat pad as I find they help keep the nerves calmer. as Bob said use your cushion to ease the pressure. Take your meds before you travel and try to relax and enjoy it.



The injection was back in May, and higher up, so I don't think they are causing this - it is more likely the way I sit, Unfortunately e cushion didn't really help. th


I don't know if this will help, it helps me on long journeys. My driving instrutor showed me.

Prepare your car seat. It needs to be as high as poss so that you have a 90º angle at hip knees and ankle. Not always possible in car seats but get it as close as you can.

The back needs to be vertical so that there is another 90º angle at the back and thigh.

Sit on a wooden seat with 90º at knees andfeet a hip width apart, and slightly tilt your pelvis forward until you can feel your sitting bones. This is the correct position for sitting. Try and replicate this in the car. I do it by sitting in the seat, then standing slightly and push the back of my pelvis against the back of the seat, then slide down. The bottom of your pelvis should be very snug against the back of the seat. Use your cushion too for extra comfort.

This will cause your lumbar to curve, so use a lumbar support or rolled up towels to fill the gap. Your shoulders should be resting naturally on the back of the seat. You can also use a C neck cushion to help support your head so that it is. Balanced on top of your spine.

If you try sitting on a wooden chair this way, you will feel instant relief in the lower spine. You may need to practice in the car as it will feel very strange and may cause your body to react.

If you can, break the journey up into 2-3 hour chunks and get out the car to walk about, stretch etc this will stop getting numb legs.

I also do a meditation or two when a passenger on along journey.

Its a bit of a faffing about but worth it in thelong run.

Enjoy your time away.


Thank you - I'll try adjusting the seat on Sunday. I have to be very careful when using my laptop - wasn't too bad sitting on the stairs leaning forward to play with (or bathe) my 'mischief'. That's the term for a group of rats!


Hello BOB here

If you think it is the car seat, you should try and adjust it before you start out, your arms should be at ten too two, and your elbows should be as close to the trunck so your arms are 90 degrees the seat should be where your legs are clear of the wheel so you sit high into the screen, you will be able too see the bonnet of the car, You should sit upright and the seat should not be in a reclined position, this puts stress on arms and shoulders.

When I put the car in for service etc I play merry hell if the garage adjusts the seat, it takes an age to get it right if they touch it, as the car has five adjusting points to play with. It is always a bitch to get it right although well worth it

All the best



I'm the passenger! I passed my test years ago, but absolutely hated driving! I'll ask my friend to help me adjust things. At least I won't have any rats, as I'm 'in quarantine' for various reasons!


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