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Morning agony in lower back

Hello All, I hope you have had a 'pain easy'* day?

One week tomorrow I will be getting a Nerve Root Block (for Fibro aggravated Sciatica) which I refuse to be negative about, this HAS to work. In the mean time I'm not able to do anything except pop painkiller at regular intervals and join various forums on line.

At about 6am I turn my heat pad on and take some Tramadol to ease my back enough to get out of bed. At 8am I run through a couple of exercises to warm up my back and get it mobile, as I've been doing for years. But when I get out of bed I am in agony, the pain in my lower back, buttocks and legs is off the scale. I can barely walk, I can't stand still and I have to lean over to be able to sit on the toilet (tmi?!) and I can't get comfortable until I lie/sit back on my bed with heat on my back. Then it takes about two hours to settle down.

Does anyone else get this? My theory is that the muscles in my back go into spasm & the Fibro kicks off. But how do I stop it, any ideas? I did think I would take a tablet that is taken to relax people and see if that relaxes the muscles...but I might fall asleep and not wake up until lunchtime or I've wet the bed! I'm also trying to be less precious about my back in an attempt to keep it mobile or I'll never get back on my horse at this rate.

Any ideas great fully received

*meaning, has your pain been easy to manage? For a full explanation of the term 'pain easy' you can have a look at my blog, Horses, Health and Happiness -

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If your muscles have over contracted they cannot relax. They must be stretched. See if you can find a sports therapist to see if they can help.


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