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Back in agony

I'm only 16, yesterday my back had an achy feeling during the day, but as the day continued it got so much worse, to the point where it hurts to cough, because that is putting pressure on my back, I have never experienced this kind of pain before. Now I have woken up and its got worse, I can't sit up, turn over, lye down, go to the toilet, without being in pain. It hurts to walk, I've taken two nurofens, which haven't made any difference.. can someone please help me, it's actually starting to scare me.

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Hello Sasha. I tale it nothing like this has happened before? Can you think of anything you may have done either yesterday or in the few days previously? Twisted? Carried something? Exercise? Anything at all?

There are a number of possibilities as to what you may have done but the best advice is get to see your GP or ring NHS 24.

Meantime a hot water bottle on the painful area might help. Or even frozen peas wrapped in a cloth.

But you must seek medical advice



Yes, medical advice must be had....

It maybe nothing, but your better getting checked out....

Wish you well....



Every day that you put off seeing the doctor is a lot of exercise to

get the muscles going again. I was told that getting in a pool

of water would help a lot . I hope yours is not complicated. Keep

us posted. We will be thinking of you always. X Karen


It's likely to be muscle spasm and while harmless they are incredibly painful and can turn into a chronic issue if not resolved. Try stretching gently and often where it feels tight, this is often easier after a shower or using a heat pad or hot water bottle. If it is possible you've injured yourself make an appointment with your GP - even bad posture can cause injury and I'm guessing you are in revision mode and about to sit exams. I had a slipped disc at 16 and it wasn't from an obvious injury. Pain down one or both legs is the big give away but it's unusual at a young age. Physio helped a lot once I realised it wasn't going away and I was fine for several years. Your GP may give you something to ease the muscle spasm or stronger pain relief but be careful if you are sitting exams as they can make you very woozy. Some NHS physio services are quick for referrals but you may consider a private appointment and be seen very soon and no need for a GP referral. They cost around £30-50 depending on where you are and you may only need one appointment to tackle the spasms and teach you how best to stretch it out and prevent it happening again - some of us are more prone to muscle spasm.


I'm with everyone else, go to your G.P disc problems are unusual in such a young person, but not unheard of. My problem started when I was 13 ! but didn't get diagnosed for many years, which only causes more problems, rest, simple pain killers, you can take paracetamol and ibruprofen together, it may be beneficial to take 2 paracetamol then two hours later two ibruprofen, keep tabs on how many you take no more than 8 paracetamol in 24 hours, the ibruprofen as the packet says, ice the area for no more than 20 minutes a bag of frozen peas or sweetcorn is ideal, wrap it in a towel so you don't burn the skin, or a hot water bottle with a cover or wrapped in a towel Get up every 30 minutes and put your arms over your head and stretch gently, if it hurts stop, but don't lay down for hours with out some movement,your muscleswill get very stiff and that will cause more pain. Off to your G.P tomorrow, no excuses. I hope you feel better soon.

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Hi Sarah, get to the doctor, probably back related, does it hurt when you take a deep breath. I had pleurisy twice, it's inflammation of the lining around your chest cavity, extremely painful since it hurts when you inhale and exhale, I'm probably totally wrong and am not a doctor, just rule it out at the doctors, good luck, take it easy until then.


I personally suggest you to sit in your exams very carefully with this pain because that pain can make you very woozy and your GP may give you something to ease the muscle spasm or stronger pain relief.


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