The pain in my leg is really bad, horrible shooting burning pain like waves going down side of my thigh making my leg feel weak, sick of being in pain an taking pain killers which make me tired, sorry for the rant but needed to vent, so pissed off

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  • You can't get anything done about it??

  • Just got to wait I think for the MRI results and pain killers

  • I hope you don't have to wait to long.

  • 3 wks up to now

  • How much longer?

  • Got to wait to see the consultant in the pain clinic so I'll get an appointment through ,last time I waited 3 months for an appointment with him, joke isn't it

  • I'm waiting 13 months to see pain doctor, waiting list is supposedly 14 months.

  • Wow really so sorry to hear that, that's bad first I was going physio first then got refered by doc because I was permanently on there case then to pain clinic, we're is ur pain.

  • Mine is in my hands, i had a bad accident years ago and now i have a condition in them and damage from the accident. I can live with it but i want to try to do something before it gets worse.

  • Been there and still have pain left in the back, my pain started Jan 16 I finally got a pain injection for herniated discs in July it didn't work I couldn't walk unaided and was still in horrific pain, then in August I lost my job after 30 yrs due to still being unable to walk then oct had a back op - it was great for 3 weeks then had a major relapse and was bed bound for 3 weeks, had another injection in Feb 17 thank god that one got rid of the leg pain but still can't walk unaided. I still get bouts of leg and nerve pain in the thigh and now I'm waiting for another injection because I've had a shoulder op now on the arm I use for my stick so I can't walk properly at all! Crikey you could write a book with all my injurys lol. All I can say is I hope the Nhs help you quickly as my experience was terrible really but the second injection did work and was amazing so if you have no back pain you may be able to have your life back so to speak but in some cases they drag on due to other problems. I know your pain it's horrific and I hope you don't have the experience I have had. The only thing I messed up on was I had the injection first thinking that would get me into work faster as I mentioned. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you !!!!!

  • I suffer with back pain too on the right side we're I get the pain down my leg I've suffered for about 15yrs with my back, but with pregnancies made it worse, the sciatica I've had for about 6 yrs with bouts of it lasting 6 wks been physio which aggrevated it, went on a tension machine which releived it slightly, had the route nerve blocker about 4 months ago which didn't do nothing but made the pain in leg worse during them doing the nerve blocker they kept hitting a nerve causing terrible pain to my ribs, had the MRI 3 wks ago and waiting now to see consultant with results, so ye will see, but it's getting to the point of giving work up now x

  • Yes giving up work is the hard bit especially when I was a good earner with a great job but the pain and suffering wasn't worth it, my wife wasn't bothered about the money in the end all she could see was her husband in agony in the job he was in. Got to say it's a shock to lose a long term job but at least I'm not as in as much agony no more, my wife understood as she had an op too on her back for sciatica, but apparently not as bad as mine as mine involves lots of dead patches on my leg and hips! But you know you learn to adapt and get on with things, the only real benefit is my moods have changed ! Because I'm not working in pain.

  • Ye that's true it really depresses you doesnt't it, with my job I'm a support worker and cud be here there an everywhere sitting to long and standing to long is bad pain, just don't no wot to do to be honest with work, I don't earn much, and my eldest daughter will be leaving school so less money, r u receiving any benefits, I no a lot of people on here don't seem to get pip

  • Hi Kagz yes I receive Pip, but not the mobility bit which is a bit of a pain, it's a pity they didn't see me at my worst ! But it's nothing compared to a good job and good health! But moan over lol I also receive ESA but it contribution based and ends soon, and I will go on the normal one, it's not a lot but it all helps.

  • I've just been putting it off on claiming for pip or trying to, just think now I've nothing to loose on trying I suppose

  • Pip isn't that bad Tbh you just need to tell them your problems leave nothing out if it affects you -tell them etc. What most people have the problem with is getting the mobility part , even if you need it they don't seem to want to give it to you! Give it a go you have more chance getting that than winning the lottery so give it a go !

  • Backs are such nasty relentless pain and sciatica is often part of that.. like you say you do learn to adapt and find things that bring you relief and find ways of managing your time before your pain kicks in... one thing I have learnt loud and clear is... stop before it gets too bad because the worse it is while you keep going the longer and more painful it is to get better again... easier said than done but at 62 and managing it for 30 years I am learning. and you are right.. pain free or less pain in your life is better than any money...

  • I feel for you being through similar experiences over 30 years.. it really is about managing these things and I have found chiropractor and acupuncture really helpful to get more movement with less pain... hope relief is found soon for you..

  • Hi Jpip, I must say I do find that keeping busy and not sitting too long works for me but I do all this in my own time. I have also learnt to say no as sometimes physios doctors etc don't know how we feel only we that have the problems really know, so I won't let anyone put me in a position that I know will hurt me after, your pain is a long time suffering and it's nice to hear it can be managed! Thank you for your best wishes also!

  • Saying "No"... has gotta be one of the hardest... I'm still learning ha ha.. yes moving gently at your own pace when you are able really seems to help to keep things mobile for sure I find too.

  • Yes I find it hard to say no too, frustrating wen u can't do things for urself or saying I can't do that coz of me back I'm like a stuck record and feel old ,sitting to long I seize up bending over kills me picking my daughter up is a nightmare, blah blah

  • Yes so frustrating... words are inadequate to describe constant pain and managing day to day life... but the warmer weather will hopefully help.. bending not only increasing my back and leg pain but gives me immediate migraine... like it's saying just don't do it buddy! But those weeds just look so inviting when you walk past and young children needing your attention must be very hard to resist.. I know my little Granddaughter just two, I can only hold if someone lifts her onto my lap... just a thought those heat wraps can help a bit too when it gets too much.. my thoughts are with you.. Xx

  • Hello Kagz, have you ever tried reading the book " Treat your own back", by Robin McKenzie, a New Zealand physiotherapist? As an ex-nurse, it has really helped me many many times. It may be that your problem is more complex. However, it may be well worth a try. You can get the book on Amazon. Hope everything works out for you.

  • I haven't ye no but will give it a try whatever helps really, thanks for the suggestion xx

  • Sorry to read of your pain! Sciatica is an awful condition. I have it constant since last thursday week from the lower back to my tingly toes! I'm always trying new pain relief alas to no avail! Next week it could be gone, the pain and then the following week I could get the same thing on my opposite side, starting all over again! At the age of 48 having worked physically hard for over 30 years, health had taken a bad turn! Good luck with the pain management!

  • Horrible isn't it just when u feel relief it's back again, at the point of giving work up myself, I work 3 days a wk an a toddler ,just so tired all the time with taking pain meds x

  • I got same problem with shoulder impingement for years. They gave me morphine 2 times daily, percocet 3 times daily, gabapentin 3 times daily. I included liquid advil gel capsules 200 mg 3 times daily with that.

    Strong folgers coffee, at same time you use medicine is the only thing I find that counteracts the medicines effects.

  • I get back injections also every 3 to 3 and half months. About 70cc of the steroid/muscle relaxant stuff

  • Sciatica is just like shingles. It's the gift that keeps on giving. There's never just one episode. I started in 2003 and have had numerous episodes. First one =Injections..(only allowed 3 a year because of immune system rejection)..Yearly attacks since then. Physio makes it worse. I've found the best relief for me is a heating pad across my lumbar region. Pillows under the side and leg that hurts. Walking really aggravates the pain. Sometimes it seems more than I can bear because you never know how long each episode will last. sometimes it's a week, sometimes it's months. But it's pure heaven when it subsides. I can't take nsaids because of my warfarin for DVT's and codeine makes me vomit profusely, so I'm pretty much out of luck when it comes to pain meds. I keep my Nook ready for the next visit from Mr. sciatica as I've found he will be back. Now I have spinal stenosis and have to wear a collar. Wonder what goodies I'll encounter before I depart on my adventure into the afterlife. I live for the 'good days' and give them all I've got. I know there are folks going through much worse than I am and I do feel blessed that it's not cancer or kidney failure, etc. It still hurts like hell sometimes and I feel like I can't go on, but somehow I manage to push on looking forward to the 'good days.' Good luck to all who are suffering from this hideous malady.

  • Have you tried releasing the pififormis muscle? Try that see if it helps, my get stuck there I think, give it ago. Yes it is painful I have a prolapsed disk & multi complex medical conditions I won't let it stop me!

  • Hi Kagz, I have a spinal injury, lupus and fibromyalgia and regularly get sciatica in one or the other of my legs... it is indeed very painful being a nerve related pain... I spent years on morphine and tramadol which I do not recommend but what I have found to be useful is a yoga position called the cat... worth looking up... this can often release it... putting a pillow under your knees when laying or between your knees if laying on your side.. if it is particularly bad.. painkiller (paracetamol) anti inflammatory tablet prescribed by doctor and a small dose poss 2mg of diazapem... this quite often releases the nerve while you sleep.. three days is usually more than enough... then walk gently.. use a stick if necessary... don't stand around, overdo it or sit without good support behind you... you can buy special back support cushions.. invaluable .. I've had one for nearly 30 years and still as good as the day I bought it.. so useful... it is rare that operations help these things and there is a lot you can do to avoid flare ups.. Also I would recommend acupuncture and seeing a good chiropractor who can often fix the problem on the day... but you will always need to look after it to avoid further flare ups. Good luck

  • That's good advice, yes tried tramadol, naproxin, amatripiline and coodamol and now there gonna try me on diclafenic, but I will defo try the cushion, the thing with me is sitting to much standing to much is bad,can't win

  • Yep I'm on acclenofenic or Preservex.. was on it every day but now use for flare ups mainly alongside painkillers and rarely diazapem with nerve pains... can't spell any of them obviously.. ha ha.. .. yep sitting and standing bad news.. walking gently with a stick or support and lying with cushion under knees defo helps.. good luck

  • They haven't mentioned a walking aid or nothing like that but think it wud help x

  • Worth seeing a chiropractor. They may be able to take the pressure off the nerve root.

  • I hear you! I have been suffering from sciatica due to a herniated disc between L4/5 which is compressing the S1 nerve. It is hard to explain the excruciating pain unless you have experienced it. I have been almost totally immobilised now for 6 weeks. I had the nerve block...didn't work. After jarring it and ending up going to hospital in the ambulance I got some excellent support from a senior physio. I had been to a physio previously but it only made it worse. This hospital physio was amazing. I was in so much have excruciating pain that I could not bear to even flex the muscles in my leg to begin to move it. After the Drs worked on my pain levels with drugs for 12 hours the physio was able to teach me how to breathe and work through the pain that just wanted to make me scream to a point that within a few hours I was able to walk with crutches , accompanied with deep breathing enough to be able to go home. Intense numbness set in so I went back to the hospital to checkfor Caudia Equina. All reflexes OK so physio said the numbness was the body's reaction to the severity of the pain level I had experienced.

    Most medical professionals who have been honest with me have said to avoid surgery wherever possible as it doesn't always work and once you have had there is nowhere else to go. The alternative is giving it time. In my case, a more severe case, the physio said to expect 5-6 months before I am back to pre-injury level and then to be very cautious for the next 6 months. It is not an easy journey but I have chosen this route S I want to avoid surgery.

  • I think the problem is, is not knowing it's going on to my 5 wk of waiting for MRI results, doc won't give me it have to wait for consultant appointment but I'm going to ring his secretary to find out, sometimes u just feel like a hypercondriact( prob spelt wrong) but u do I can't be in thus much pain for no reason, I have suffered with my back for about 18 yrs now so just need to know.😡

  • Oh dear...that is a long time to suffer with your back. The problem is once you have something like a herniated disc you have it forever sadly.

    Knowing what this pain is like you are certainly no hypercondriac!

    I hope you find out and get some relief soon...

  • I also get this crunching wen I move my back from side to side, wonder wot that is too x

  • Hopefully that MRI will give you some answers. It must be worrying for you...

  • Well finally got an appointment with my consultant for my MRI results 10th may counting the days now.

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