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Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who reponded to my post about tumeric for back pain relief.

My pain is literally a pain in the bum this week! Seems to be worse than the back pain. Now every single muscle in my leg aches & feels stiff. Also feel like im going to get calf cramp.

Ive had sciatica before where had agonising pain in the buttock & all the way down my legs. Just wondered if the tightness in my legs was sciatica. Thanks All.


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You may need to stretch your hamstrings and glutes.

If you are able -lie on back on floor and pull knee towards opposite shoulder. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat - and don't forget to breathe -a few times - stretching a bit further each time. Same for other side.

If that's not possible , try standing along side a solid kitchen table ( or sitting sideways ona long bench) sitwith one leg along the surface , the otheron the ground. Now try to reach the foot on the surface with your hand , pulling your toes up to your chin. You should feel a pull in your lowerback. DO NOT JERK OR OVER PULL .

Be gentle and start slowly.

Youtube will have plenty of videos explaining far better what I am trying.

Try " exercises for sciatica relief "

Cheers. And good luck.


Yup I get very sore & stiff legs because of that to. You need to have physical therapy it help me, i have good & bad days but it will heal just takes time.


I have had Sciatica for 4 weeks now. The pain was horrendous every morning, from buttock down to my foot. I could not put my foot to the ground when I got out of bed each day.

I had my first acupuncture on Friday and it worked. On Saturday I was up and about- Magic!

I am going to see a Consultant today to see if the pain is caused because the last Epudural I had has worn off.

I definitely recommend acupuncture.

Good luck.


Does anyone know why Sciatica pain seems to be so fierce early in the morning ?; the timing is not often mentioned by posters - you describe exactly my experience, and usually by lunch time it has subsided a great deal, and gone by evening.


I saw a Consultant yesterday and he said it is definitely a trapped nerve. He could do a nerve root blocker but it may not work. It can last 3/4 months and go away itself. In the meantime if acupuncture works just go with it.

Strange how the pain subsides later in the day. I suppose as you start moving the nerve is freed.

Good luck.


I would have though because you have been in a fixed position, that seems to make it worse for me, can't be in one position too long be it sleep, driving, sitting down. I find that physical therapy, electro acupuncture, doing the exercises I have been told to, be active all help, along with helping it heal. I"m on a waiting list for hydrotherapy now. Mine doesn't go away like that it all depends on activity levels & have been sitting too long etc that makes it worse. Goodluck


Yes it is. Sorry you are suffering. I suffer the same.

Jen x


Madlegs1 has some good suggestions. It is also advisable to take some yoga lessons under an experience yoga teacher who can give you advice on stretching.

There is a saying in the new testament of the bible which says: "It is easier to see the speck of dust in someone elses eye than the plank in your own." This is a true statement. I need the help of an Alexander teacher to see the minor/major faults in my muscle control. I cannot see them myself because I am so used to doing things in a particular way.

Hope this helps.


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