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Any ideas?!

Morning all!

Just wondering if anyone can shed light on this?!

I woke up the other day and my whole body felt bruised and sore to the touch. The night before, my upper arms were burning hot.

Both of these symptoms lasted 2-3 days. My gp dismissed my symptoms as strange but didn't look at me or do any further investigations. I'd had blood tests done a week and a half before due to a chest infection and to check my thyroid levels. My thyroid was low and my liver enzymes were raised? My thyroid medication was raised from 10mcg to 50mcg but nothing else. Apparently my liver enzymes were proof that I had been ill?

I have chronic pain due to EDS and a very painful spine. I have bertolottis syndrome as well as OA and DDD.

Any ideas what caused the heat in my arms and the bruised feeling?!


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It may well just be one of those things, an unknown virus that was doing the rounds. Also when our thyroid levels are low it can make pain feel more intense. When I once had flu, real in-bed-for-two-weeks flu, it started with my legs feeling bruised and aching.

So perhaps your GP was doing the watch and wait to see if anything else comes up, which is how a lot of medicine works.

I hope you are feeling better now, and things haven't got worse for you.

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Thanks, yes, the pain went gradually, the burning too. I agree with you but, unfortunately, my GP seems too scared to treat me. I have chronic spine issues as well as EDS, so my pain levels are high most of the time. New symptoms often mean progression in one of my many issues!

I'll keep a note of my pain levels , see how it goes.

Thank you for your support. Sometimes a second opinion from an unrelated voice puts things in perspective! X


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