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Any ideas?


For a couple of years I had pain in my knee as if I dislocated it, but I didn't. The pain is really bad and sometimes when I'm walking my knee stiffens up and I can barely walk without limping. I've checked it out with the doctor but they said there was nothing wrong

Now a couple of weeks ago, it started to happen but not just my knee but on all sorts of joints like my elbow, and wrist.

Any idea of what's happening or what's causing this?

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You need to go back to your GP, I don't believe people here are medically qualified to give you an answer.


When you went to your Doctor with the knee pain, had you had a fall or a near fall, felt you could have injured it in someway? Did you have an X-ray or a scan?

You do need to go back and see your Doctor with these new symptoms.


Refer back to your GP, He is in partnership with you to look after your Health.

Your conditions can be a multitude of things and personally I am not a GP.

Write a list and explain your problems.

Good Luck



I agree with everyone. You should only get proper health advice from your healthcare professional. The knee is a complex joint, and there are many things that can go wrong. Even a simple muscle strain can mask itself and feel like many other things.

I've been in your position many years ago, with my knee, only to be passed from one consultant to another in the hope of finding a diagnosis.

It's so disheartening to hear the that there's nothing wrong, especially when you can feel pain. The best advice I can give is don't ever give up and accept that there's no explanation. You know your own body, and you know when you experience pain.

It took me from me being in my teenage years to when I was in my late 30's to finally get a diagnosis. I've had many surgical procedures that were not required, and they have ultimately made my condition worse. If anyone suggests a treatment plan or surgical procedure, ask them whether they have a definite diagnosis, and that the treatment or procedure will help you. (You have to be sure that the risk you put yourself at with a procedure is worthwhile and will help you or have a high chance of helping you.)

I have finally had some treatment, but I am now in a position where pain will always be a part of my life, and it's something I have had to come to terms with.

If you are getting pain in multiple locations have you thought it could be a neuropathic pain condition? Neuropathic pain isn't easy to detect, but the more information and symptoms you can give your GP the better position they will be in to look for a potential cause.

Don't give up, we're all here to help give you support and advice, but the only advice we can all give is from personal experience rather than a definitive medical diagnosis. That will be down to your healthcare professionals. But you will be able to have more information to discuss options with them by listening to our advice.

I have my fingers crossed that you can get a diagnosis soon, it's a huge weight to have to carry around with you!

Good luck!

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I have the same problem, but I fell on blacktop years ago on both knees and I can hardly walk on my right knee. Any accidents involving your knee?


Yeah I fell on my knee pretty bad a few years ago


I had a near fall, and twisted my knee but did not realise it at the time. Stuck it out for about 3 months b4 seeing GP. Was sent for an X-ray which came back. Nothing wrong. Sent to see a specialist. Had appt made for MRI on knee. Result definitely definite damage. Cartilage torn at back of knee and bits of bone broken off dead bone on knee. Swimming around in the synovial fluid. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture ( private) to the rescue once again. Can walk again without pain for now. Just got to be careful not to knock knee!


Faulty muscle usage. The muscles may be over tight in places with the result that the propioceptors are set for the wrong muscle tension. Unfortunately the medical profession has very little understanding of how muscles can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

There are also things like spinal reflexes. These operate at spinal level and do not touch what happens at cerebral level. So you may think you doing one thing in regard to movement, but in fact are doing something else as a result of spinal reflex modification.

McTimony chiropractor is worth a visit to find out what muscle spasms you are suffering from and see if they can be un-spasmed. Posture has a lot of influence on how muscles work. It is worth seeing an Alexander Teacher to determine if you can get an improvement in reduction in pain and discomfort by improving posture and muscle usage.

The chiropractor will be useful as a means of determining if the GP's diagnosis is correct or not.

Hope this helps.

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Sounds similar to my complaint. About 15 years (age 55) ago I was out walking, stumbled and got excruciating pain in right knee. I had torn cartilage and then underwent an arthoscopy to clean up the damaged cartilage. The technique was keyhole surgery. However, when cleaning up inside the knee they discovered calcification so that needed sorting too.

Now (age 70) I have just had X-Rays which have confirmed osteoarthritis and again calcification. On sunny, dry days with little or no humidity and moisture in the air I am relatively pain free and can walk OK but it feels 'lumpy', walking bone on bone. Driving my car is the worst especially when getting in or out. Sitting on a chair or a lounge and moving to a standing position is very difficult and can be painful. If the weather is about to change or if there is rain/moisture/high humidity the pain is unbelievable and sends me hurtling off for the pain killers and the hot water bottle. I find heat packs (in whatever format) give me best relief.

Suggest you get a second medical opinion and X-Rays (if they haven't been done). I'm not medically qualified but you cannot exclude the possibility of some sort of arthritis. There may also have been some past injury which for whatever reason is manifesting itself. Also suggest you 'Google' the knee joint and read up on issues that can affect it.


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