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Hi I have recently been to spinal clinic and got told there's nothing they can do for me because of other problems which won't help I.e a/f kidney transplant being main ones

He will shend me to pain relief clinic to see if they can come up with some help

I am on longtec and shortec paracetamol and shouldn't be taking it on long term just one ibrufen

Can any one help out there as to what to do until get seen

In tears this morning trying to do breakfast but can't give in

Feel lazy if I go on bed to get some relief as pain subsides strange but there we go

I am 70 and still feel guilty if I don't get dressed and use bed for comfort

Any ideas would be appreciated

I live in the uk

Thank you

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I'm so sorry to hear you're in such pain! I truly hope the pain clinic is key for you. For now, don't feel guilty if you need to rest. You know what's best for your body. We all need rest, regardless of age!

I am in my 30's and have been extremely limited to what I can do for nearly 3 years. Many days I couldn't get out of bed, or off of the couch if I was able to get there. It's extremely frustrating to be in that position, but sometimes we truly cannot help it.

I wish I had suggestions for your pain. They have told me my stenosis is not needing to be treated. My major issues have been lower back & for that I had surgery in January.

I wish you the best & hope you are able to be seen soon.

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Maybe try massage? Yoga? Pilates? Swimming or just water walking?

Distraction techniques like adult colouring books? Sewing? Knitting? Any art & craft activities really!

Meditation either silent or to some soothing music? Lay or sit in your most comfortable position, close your eyes and relax; start thinking about your toes and how warm & relaxed they are, work up your leg; imagine it's totally relaxed and heavy, now up to your bum cheeks and so on until you've explored every part of your body and just imagined it totally relaxed! This needs to be done with no distractions preferably. Try to fit this in at least once a day and more if your pain increases.

I know there's nothing miraculous here but they're just a few little tips I've been given over the years.You may well hear them at your pain clinic appointment too!

Probably the most important thing is to stay as active as you can. I'm not talking hill climbing or anything like that but at least some slow, gentle stretches or walking around the house. Get the blood flowing!



....oh nearly forgot; don't be feeling guilty if you have lazy days! Which is more important right now - washing them dishes or reducing your pain a little?? πŸ˜‰



See an Alexander Technique teacher. They may be able to help with movement skills.


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