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How to control nerve pain from scatica

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Hi I'm new to this site I would love to hear from other how they handle back pain well nerve pain in my back look forward to hearing from you many thanks Margaret

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I find using the tens machine for my lower back nerve pain is helpful. I also use a heatpad.

Hi Margaret

Welcome to the site.

I bought a Shitzu massage machine online from Amazon and that helps also keep your back warm as much as you can. X

I have horrible nerve pain all.down my spine and wraps around my ribs lower back and down right leg into my right hip ..and foot. I take norco , if I don't I can't sleep and just screen in pain. The meds I should take like neurotin or lryica I'm allergic to. Cymbalta is for nerve pain also . I have fibermyalgia to..

start taking calcium and magnesium with vitamin D just spent a year with the most intense syatticer pain just like yours cud.nt pain all day long all night long...was seriously getting to the point of suicide coz I cud.nt handle pain gave me...pregablin and codeine and amitriptyline but after awhile they stopped done sum research on internet and found out about Calcium and magnesium and a friend also told me that it wud get rid of my pain..which I thought was crap...but I thought might as well give them ago...magnesium deals with the nerve pain and calcium mends your bones and vit d just make,s u happy 😊 after a few days of taking them I was pain free and cud walk again ☺ and actually had the best nights sleep in a year it was heaven...and I cud eat again..😊 apparently as u get older u become deficient in these,s minerals and that,s wat causes all the ache,s and most people with pain just need calcium and magnesium and vitamin d...and it will change your life so get buying and start living again...😊 trust me they work..😁 let me know how u get on....xxxxxxx 😍😊😍😊

Ok thanks

Spikypunk,i had blood work and not defiant in vit d and others. So its not good to store these. Whats your blood work, after this . If i can have your input. I have all this at home in med cab.

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Magsmc29 in reply to spikeypunk

I'm going to follow your lead and give it a go thanks for this advice let you know how it goes cheers Margaret 😃

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Manditts in reply to Cynthialcj

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain and debilatating sciatic nerve pain running from my back straight down to my foot.Ive tried every form of medication,physio ,natiral remedoes thecwhole lot.Dealing with the pain clinics is just a complete waste of time.I recently had deep compression back fusion and a cage added to stop my spine from slipping .I was discharged from the spinal unit 48 hrs after my surgery a new woman.The pain down my leg has subsided,ibhad a new vertebrae put in my L4 L5 space,my back pain is also a lot better.I was on the verge of killing myself now i cant thank my neurosurgeon enough.I live in Perth Australia,backwards when it comes to chronic pain.Gabapentin is the best out of the nerve pain meds i feel like ive been a crash test dummy for these pain drs,nothing good to say about pain clinics.

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Cynthialcj in reply to Manditts

Well its my insurence calling the shots or id be going, going to press into this. Thxs

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Magsmc29 in reply to Manditts

It is the worse pain possible and I was there once didn't want to live with the pain but is way better now with the pain relief I have I'm so very please you are out of that horrible pain t as keep care of yourself xx

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Magsmc29 in reply to Cynthialcj

Oh gosh your in a bad way...nerve pain is dreadful I have it like someone is sticking a cattle prod in my back and it's shooting of in all directions lol only we ay I can discribe it. I have RSI plus other painful problems walking pain in the butt lol. Well we do whatever we can to deal with it sometimes it's just no easy...onwards and upwards as they say 😃

Oh plus intense machine , and ice and heating pad to..hope you find relief..I no I have issues walking far and lifting sets the pain off like mad

Hi Margret

I am sorry to hear are suffering with this. There are some daily stretches that help, along with cupping in combination with massage therapy that will help.

Hope you feel better!


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Cynthialcj in reply to belle623

I'm going to schedule a message first time , thank you

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Magsmc29 in reply to belle623

Many thanks I'm way better than I was it's under control now but it could go anytime and the pain can be horrific again I'm just careful could cope with it...I have pain as ll the time but can cope with it x

You can't. If the pain is due to pressure on a nerve then you need to find ways to take the pressure off the nerve.

Pain killers do what it says on the tin they kill pain. However, they kill sensitivity. Thus because you have lost sensitivity you can do more damage to the part causing the pain. The result more pain.

You need to investigate physical treatments available to help reduce the pressure from mechanical sources.

I have had syatticer nerve pain for at least a year and what a nightmare that was and my pain was.nt just in my leg it ravaged different parts of my body on different days 😐 so painful I.d have it in my chest and neck and wud feel like I cud.nt breath my my my on so fourth as u know I.m rendered me useless cud.nt sleep...cud.nt eat...cud.nt move...and Christmas eve and Christmas day was the worst pain in my knee I.d ever experienced it was coming in waves every 5 minute's it was unbearable cud.nt open my chrimbo presents let alone eat chrimbo dinner 😐 so it was a miserable time for me😐 and by then I was seriously contemplating suicide I was at my wits end...the drugs the doctor gave me didn't work no more...pregablin and amitriptyline...codeine and I decided to do some research on internet and found out about calcium and magnesium with vit d...and also one of my Facebook friends said it was good 😊 so I thought to myself whatever how the hell is that gonna cure my pain when I.m on heavy duty stuff that does nothing...But I thought why not give it a try its not like I had nothing to lose..😉 and my m8 said the magnesium wud get rid of my nerve pain and calcium wud help mend my bones and vit d is to make me happy 😊 I brought some and popped a pill and in a couple hours cud walk a little day same thing...and on the fourth day all the pain was gone ABSOLUTELY GONE I cud not believe it worked so now I take 3 tablets a day and feel FANTASTIC AND AM IN NOMORE PAIN...YIPPEE 😤 so that,s the cure for syatticer so start taking them soon and u too will be pain free...and that goes for anyone suffering any type of nerve,s coz u r definition in certain minerals that's why u get ache,s and pains as u get older..and most of them ache,s and pains can be put right with CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM SO GET TAKING PEOPLE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE...XXXX☺😍😏💋

How many MG of magnesium do you take daily

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LuLu18 in reply to spikeypunk

My partner has awful syatticer, as well as nerve damage in his right leg and a bad knee (had a knee reconstruction when he was younger) but I will mention about the magnesium, calcium and vit D to him for the syatticer.... hopefully it will help as the medication he's been given for it REALLY isn't!

Heat rest and painkillers with small movements helped me. Hope you feel better soon xx

Best things for me are Ketoneuro compound cream 3 times a day and TENS unit and lots of iliopsasis stretching. I'm so worn out from nightly pain, but I keep trying.

Getting into a hydro pool helps me heaps,i do this a couple of days a week.I swear by magnesium,calcium and vitamin D,it all helps.Do whatever makes you feel better. Keep ur chin up 😷

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