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Extreme Head Pains

For about two weeks now I been random intense pains in the left side of my head. Sometimes its followed by a nose bleeds. When there isn't pain there is a pressure in my head. No pain or anti inflammatory meds seem to work. I haven't gone to the doctor because of time issues. I don't think that my stress or depression have been the cause. A regular headache shouldn't be this painful!! :(

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi, I get this but no nose bleeds, mine start in my left temple sometimes no to bad but other times I'm in agony.

I've been refared to the Walton centre, I have been before but with my Dementia I wasn't here if you know what I mean lol.

Good luck and go to your DOCTORS ASAP.


Thank you for the reply I would like to go the doctors but I can't seem to get a appointment with them. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't fall behind on work then I never go to the hospital.


I'd be asking myself whether the time issues you mention are more important than your life. It could be something simple or something major. Only way to find out is to prioritise your health and get to your doctor. Nobody on this forum can diagnose your issue. Sorry if this reply seems harsh but with most health issues, time is of the essence.


really I say get to the doctors,it could be a number of factors,high blood pressure is always one to bear in mind,I had the most horrendous headaches for nearly 3 months but mine were always whilst I was asleep,the pressure in my head at one point got me to A&E in the middle if the night the First time it happened,and as quickly they appeared they would disappear,but I was getting 2/3 headaches more or less every night,I was told these were cluster headaches and the pain and pressure was indescribable,my left nostril would feel like it was blocked even though it was just constantly running and my left eye was was weeping tears,each headache lasted 20/30 minutes,unfortunately the human body can mask symptoms that need further investigation and seeing we're not motor vehicles a mot at your local GP is the best way forward,good luck


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