Sunshine Island

Lovely to get messages, emails, and calls from so many old friends here. I do listen to all the posts but obviously only comment where I think it may add something.

David's appointmentt with the pain consultant came through pretty quickly. Marked priority that can mean anything from sometime to whenever.

Tootled off to the North of the island which people talk about as if in outer space. North? You are going North? Oh wow. It's cold there. And wet. But very green. Have a nice time. In actual fact it's about 40 miles to the hospital!!

Lady consultant which was rare in UK. English not so good but when you are talking medical conditions, joints, muscles and injuries, chronic pain and depression, the language is universal.

Injections booked for 14th.. Excellent. Wants him off Amitrptyline completely. Good. Wants him off Oxycontin. Ah. Not so good. That one is a real bugger to come off. That is long term plan thankfully.

She has given him Lidocaine patches for lower back where the break is. Wow. First time ever used and instant relief. Not to be worn longer than 12 hours so just overnight. Slept like a brick too. That was a huge plus. But...soon as the patch came off...wham pain straight back. At 120 Euros for 30 they aren't cheap. We only pay 10% of costs thank goodness.

The medical treatment here really is brilliant. Takes a while to get into the system but once there you are in. Now David is in pain clinic he feels so much happier.

We have bought a Ferrari red electric scooter...peep peep vrroom vroom which gives him back that bit of independence he lost with not driving any more. Potters down to the village for his meds. Has coffee and reads local papers. All very pleasant sitting in hot sunshine. Gives me a break too for couple of hours. Win win.

Life continues on in a gentle good way. Yes difficult challenges all along the way but I feel so much better able to deal with them. And if it doesn't happen will happen tomorrow. Or day after. Or day after that. Tramadol works well on my sij pain. I am not doing the same amount of gardening as I did in Scotland which, while I miss it very much, my back doesn't!

Living on a volcanic island where you can only go up, you go down, and with luck manage a few horizontal bits may not be the best place for a wobbly hip. But GP keeping an firm eye on me with view to replacement if it gets too wonky. Me in a side car perhaps for David's scooter!!

Loves from the Sunshine Island

Pat x

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  • Hi there Pat, so good to here from you and glad you and David are both doing well. I must say on the mainland i found the spanish health care system to be much better than the UK and absolutely no waiting time (well a week or so i dont count), im sure you are benefitting from your first winter without the cold weather. I certainly dont envy David coming off oxycodin what are they going to offer him instead?, i know the patches work well for sited pain but i dont know beyond that. When they said they were sending you north did you have visions of having to climb Hadrians wall or the equivalent?. Take care both.

    Blessings, Leon.

  • Yes I have to keep reminding myself it is now February! Did get bit chilly and David needed his cardy...think he is joined at the hip with it!

    Like so many chronic pain sufferers - there comes time when even strongest meds don't work any more. I think he has reached that point. And consultant agrees. So....he comes off them all.

    But I am working on another plan. Little seeds which grow into large flowered plants!! Say no more

    Pat x

  • Good Morning Pat, sounds like you are settling in nicely. Could do with some of those patches myself sound great, 12 hours releif is better than none I would think. Enjoy the sun its wintery miserable here. Seems the only down for you is the forty miles drive to hospital. xx

  • Thanks Kate.

    If patches work then this could be long term. Need to try something diferent. Certainly heard of others using them with success.

    Hospital is a fairly easy drive along motorway. Won't be going there too often and he won't be driving.

    Snowdrops are coming out in Scotland so spring on its way for you. Have friends who over winter around Alicante and they've had snow this winter and gne back to UK cos its warmer!!


  • Hi Pat, glad things are working out for you. Yes Spring is on the way my garden is dotted with cyclamen, crocus and daffodil leaves. So the cold does not worry them they still pop up. Guess the winter has been quiet warm this year till this month so we can't complain. xx

  • Can't grow spring bulbs here...never gets cold enough for them. They need that winter chill. But do have Poinsettias living outside all year!. Mine used to die between nursery and car in Scotland! You get them as fully grown trees too. Incredible


  • Sounds nice x

  • Now that's an image for a grey Monday morning. David on the bright red scooter with Pat waving and cheering from a sidecar. There should maybe be a dog with horizontal ears as well.

    Why does the consultant want David off oxycodone apart from the obvious reasons ? Whats the alternative ?

    I will message you Pat for a more fulsome reply



  • Might have to find a trailer Dee...sidecar a little too wide especially with dogs ears and head stuck out!!

    Oxycontin not working any more. After 32 years working his way upwards, and sideways, through the meds there is nothing left. If something doesn't help then consultant says not worth taking.

    Alternatives are a bit slow to germinate. Think I need to try wet blotting paper. Can't keep night time heat high enough.


  • A nearby light bulb will Inc the heat. Rib

  • Had my first baby Tuesday!! Maybe more to come but will do for starters


  • Hi pat nice to here from u are u well and how is David hope he is well

  • Missed you and your chats.

    Life is gentle and good. David having procedure today in different pasrt of spine. I am here being the responsible adult for his return. Ha ha ha

    Hugs as ever


  • Hello Pat,

    It is wonderful to hear that you are both enjoying the sunshine.

    I am absolutely certain that it makes everything seem not so bad.

    The medical services sound great and it is good that David is getting some effective pain relief.

    Maybe you can try growing cacti. Not so much watering and weeding required.

    Look forward to your next update.

    Best wishes,


  • Not keen on cactus. Never know if the are alive!! Have got a few seeds of a different variety I am cultivating. Authorities don't worry about domestic use but do get upset when locals hide huge swathes of them in banana plantations!!

    Watch out for the 'happy' cakes!!


  • Hay pat sounds like progress all round. Brilliant. Hope you both continue to feel warmth and relief as your decision to move was obviously the right one. Would love to join you but family still need me around so need to wait for a few years yet before I can emigrate 😎

  • Yes it is a lifestyle we have quickly adopted. Things may or may not happen but never when you want them to!

    Come and join us for a holiday. Plenty of space, chairs outside and pool starting to warm up. Doing nothing is a most pleasant pastime!


  • Sounds like heaven

  • It does rain sometimes even in Heaven! And bit breezy too but washing dries quickly then!!


  • You have to have a bit of rain to wash the dust away and make the seeds grow 😆


  • I have one Rib!! One little baby!! Now about half inch long and looking good.


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