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I have a rotator cuff tear and full biceps tear in my right shoulder/arm. I have also just been diagnosed with a full thickness tear in my left shoulder/arm. Probably due to over use because I am right handed and have been using my left arm more. I have to see the Orthapaedic Consultant again when I get an apoointment. My problem is I am alergic to codeine or any codeine based tablets,. I am limited to the amount of Ibuprofen I can take because I am on anticoagulants and I am taking maximum dose of paracetemol. I go to physio and also use gel and hot packs to help the pain. Has anyone else got same problem with taking painkillers.

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My husband can't take ibuprofen, Tylenol doesn't help much so he uses a different narcotic than codeine. But sounds like you need to be assessed for possible surgery? The good news is that several of my family/friends have had that surgery recently and did VERY well. New techniques such as Game Ready ice machine and a nerve block at end of surgery really helped. Message me if you want details.


Thanks for that. I have been assessed regarding surgery and unfortunately because of my other medical conditions and my age both arms are inoperable. I have other complications too. Injections seem to be the only answer at the moment.

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How old are toy?????.Did you have a Cray or mri scan .We're you told results straight away or did you have to wait a while.???


Hi. I had ultrasounds and XRays. Results were immediate. The radiographer showed me the ultrasound and XRay and sent reports to the Consultant.


Hi what did the results show.????


Massive rotator cuff tear inoperable. Two snapped biceps. Arthritis. All right shoulder/arm.


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