Update on ferratin levels

Hi guys.

Well had my first lot of bloods taken yesterday at hospital. The bloody needle the nurse put in my arm was bloody massive. My nurse explined the bigger the needle the faster the flow of blood. Nurse explained what she was doing and asked if I'd been told what my last ferratin reading was. Said no, nobody has said anything. Looked at my venesection booklet and it said 988-50. So my son and I thought it Was 50 of the 988. But no, my last level reading was 988 and they want it down to 50. F@@@@@g hell that's a damn lot. My 1st time they only took 200mls of blood, next week it will be 400mls they take off me. Bloody vampires. Lol.😉.

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  • Well ive never heard of that with regard to needle size, but i didnt know flow rate was that important either. I guess you learn something new everyday sometimes painfully!


  • I hate needles!!

    I've only had blood taken out twice and that too by numbing my arm. You're very brave! :)

    Good luck for your next appointment, hope it goes well.

    P.s, I'm a vampire, so just beware ;)

  • Hi sumayyah55

    You'll be surprised the amount of people that have a phobia of needles ,your certainly not alone.

    Oh no not a vampire, best keep garlic at hand then. 😉

    Takecare. Debbs. 😃

  • Haha ;)

    Thank you!

    You take care toooo :)

  • My needle story.

    I used to have a real phobia with needles. Avoided the dentist, blood tests and even pin prick tests for sugar levels. Even the sight of needles going into other people on the TV was too much.

    Then chronic pain came along and I was desperate to make it go away. I analysed what scared me about needles and realised that it was the associated pain and bad childhood experiences at the dentist and having inoculations. Scared of pain - a logical human response, I reasoned.

    Tried Accupuncture for the pain. It really helped as well as with fatigue. It also helped with my fear of needles. Yes, it sometimes hurt but not always.

    Tried Emla numbing cream for blood tests. Damn nurse took 8 attempts to get blood from my arms. Apparently, it causes the veins to sink. Still hurt and when she said that someone else could have a go, I dug my heels in and said tough luck. They ended up taking it out of the back of my right hand with a small needle. It worked and did not really hurt.

    Every time that I need a blood test now, I greet the nurse with "Morning, small needle, back of the right hand please". One told me rather sharply that is not how we do it. So I just smiled and said it is with me and I know my body best. She was still rather surprised when it worked and filled up three or four phials. I still don't look!

    Remember, your body so you have a right to say how you want it done.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Dave

    Your right u know your own body. Needles don't bother me after all the operations and procedures I've had done over the years for my chronic pain involving needles for my ill health, and also having 7 tattoos I'm a pro with needles. My tattooist thinks I'm weird as I actually like the pain involved with tattoos. 😉.

    It defo sound's like you hada phobia of needles, and the nurse who gave you grieve was out of Order, mind it actually working would of peed her off. .

    I never knew the bigger the needle the faster the flow of blood, which is good for me as doesn't take add long. Good job in ok as got this procedure for the rest of my life. Lol..

    Take care debbs. 😃

  • Thanks Debbs. I am glad that it did not bother you.

    Apparently, drinking water helps with the flow rate of blood as well.

    Best wishes,


  • Good on you Dave. Far too many today in medical profession treat us like we're on a converter belt and haven't got any say.

  • Hi Dave.

    Yeah funnily enough my nurse said that drinking water helps the flood of blood.

    Takecare debbs 😃

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