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EMG nerve test

Hello, everyone

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in 1999 from the desk job I worked but I continue to work,now it had flared up really bad chronic pain numbness etc. I went to several hand doctors who requested I get a EMG, I did the results were good the doctor said but I am worse of since the test limited mobility in the whole right are not so much the left but pain killers everynight none stop pain help please.

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Hi lisajo803 I had carpal tunnel syndrome I had the operation to release nerves but it did not work I ended up with complex regional pain syndrome it was that bad I had to have my left arm amputated I have it in my right hand and arm but that was not as bad as my left. Have u seen a pain specialist about u hands I would get u gp to send u to see one they can help u with meds put u with the right specialist 

Best wishes and hope u have a pain free day.


Thanks for the advice. I will look into it


Oh Yogibe how devastating - and brave of you to pass that tale on. 

I have bi-lateral cts and have been offered the operation on a number of occasions.  The first time I agreed to start with but the doctor offering the procedure rubbed his hands in glee - I have never left a consulting room so fast! After that I heard so many poor reviews that I decided better the pain I knew but nothing I heard compares with what you have had to go through.

My heart and best wishes go out to you.

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Hi linlow thank u I think that people should know that when they did the release off the nerves they did not tell me that i could get complex regional pain syndrome it took them 7 months before they told me that I crps and then it took another 3 months before they sent me to a pain specialist by that time all the pain specialist could do for me was try and put me on some meds but it was to late I was in that much pain that I went back to my pain specialist and told him that if he did not amputate I would, I have it my right hand and arm I don't know how long I will have the use off my hand the specialist thinks I have about 2&3 years before I loose the use of it and when that happens I will take my life.

Best wishes to u and hope u have a pain free day 


Hi Lisa, I had nerve tests done from my finger tips up to elbow and onto neck on both arms. This was done pre diagnosis of fibro. I thought it would be in my neck as down both sides. I had an MRI that showed I had bulging discs, which would need attention in future but we're not causing this. So I had carporal tunnel on my left wrist and  trapped ulna nerve on my left elbow I was lucky enough to have a Col operate on me who deals in limb removal and fixing in the gulf. He was superb agreed to do both ops same day and let me hope the same day! I am ex military and have a fear of infection in hospitals! My wife is also an ICU Sister! To keep an eye on me. After the usual recovery time the wrist and hand felt fine. Not as strong as before and still the occasional twinge but such relief from pain. There is an agreement for me to have the right side done if I need it. At present I feel I don't for two reasons, firstly the pain is bearable from what I'm taking pain wise for my fibro. Secondly, with the year later diagnosis was it necessary? Probably so as the pain relief was dramatic. But these descions need to be made by a team, looking at how much pain your in, what physio your doing, pain relief your taking, investigation into nerve response then operation if needed.

Wishing you the best of luck the operation part was the easiest! The decision the hardest! Lol 


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nerve symptoms in hands isn't always carpal tunnel - the nerve entrapment or irritation can occur much higher up in shoulder or neck and be positional,  and that doesn't always show up in the EMGs

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lisajo8o3 CTS can be associated with a number of other conditions like diabetes, low thyroid and arthritis.  Have you been checked out for any of these?

I have carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome and trigger thumb/finger and find exercise and the application of heat to help when they are at their worst, as does lying on my back and holding my arms straight up in the air whilst extending my fingers as if trying to grab as much of the ceiling as I can.  You could try massaging your neck and shoulders - or your whole back if you have someone who can do it for you.  I  also have wrist splints to wear at night.

I have never found pain killers to be effective.  The best treatment I have had is acupuncture.  Relief through this last for months.  You could also try acupressure - a treatment you can administer yourself with similar effect.

Have you tried sleeping in a different bed?


Check out the NHS shared decision aid for CTS 


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