I have my first physio appointment next week, and am starting to feel a little nervous about it, I haven't had the best past experience with Physio and its years since I have done any physio. I decided to give it another go, change of medication and I am a stronger person than I was years ago. I am going into this with a high hope, and I am trying to be really positive, realistic and logic about it, but emotions have a funny way of pushing that out of the window, and I feel quite alone, I can't really share this with my friends or family because I don't want the intensity and pressure that comes with telling them. Am I crazy for wanting have some pain free whilst actually being able to walk which is not something that I have done in a number of years?

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  • Far from crazy. Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. These days I tend to stand up more for myself but it doesn't always happen. I've also had Not good experiences with Physios but looking back, maybe I should have stopped after 6 sessions when the treatment was just not working and made me worse. So I would say go for it, but make notes after each session for yourself. And if treatments are still painful after 24 hours. Tell the Physio. And only do the homework exersises you and your body are comfortable with.

  • Thank you so much for your reply and your advice i will, I have been in the position where the pain is so bad a physio screaming at you and the treatment just isn't working, but i'm a bit stronger now. I hope whatever your situation that you are having some pain releif, and wish you all the best and thanks again for taking the time to reply em x

  • If you can afford it see an Alexander Technique teacher. They can teach you things about exercising that a physio cannot.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much for your reply, i've not heard of this but will definitely be looking into thanks :-)

  • Hi johnsmith

    I've just started seeing an Alexander teacher and would agree with what you've just said. What I'm getting i.e. working on posture, learning how my body works so I can make better choices, letting go where I need to etc was what I was hoping for when I went to physio! Wish I'd done it ages ago - you did recommended it ....

  • Hi Emju

    Firstly, try to put aside and forget your past experiences with physiotherapy & the physiotherapists. That was then and this is now.....

    You'll meet a new therapist whom you can tell about your worries straight away. Generally the first session is mainly taken up with your expectations so this will be the perfect time for you to explain & explore your concerns.

    Worrying about what they might make you do or that they'll 'tell you off' will stop you making the most of these (generally) valuable sessions. As a competent patient you can decline, refuse or cancel any treatments or exercises at any time. If they hurt you, tell them, if you hurt too much after a session, tell them; don't think that because they're the experts that you can't....... any physiotherapist worthy of their profession will take on board the fact that exercise a,b or c is too much. Obviously sometimes, personalities clash but that's their problem, not yours; you can request to be treated by another therapist if necessary.

    Just keep remembering that you're in control and are just using them as an aid to feeling more comfortable or as a 'cure' - if it's not working, despite effort on your part or discussion to change something, then you don't have to go......😊

    Now go be empowered!!!! 😤

    RJC x

  • Hi RJC, thank you so much for your reply and your advice and you words of encouragement and empowerment! You are completely right in what you say, I do feel differently this time I just need to make sure this time that I am in control. One of the reasons I decided not to tell my family this time is so that I didn't feel the pressure the expectations and feeling like a failure if I can't do it. I'm so glad that I have found this forum and decided to join, it really helps sharing with people who understand. Thank you so much :)

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