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Hi all, I'm desperate here , I have posted before that I have been suffering from sciatica for past 5 months , the docs just keep giving me medication to ease the pain and I'm having physio when I can if the pain levels allow and acupuncture . Been on various drugs, robaxin, gabapentinetc with no ease. I am now on morphine and diazepam with solpadol , tramadol and ibubrufen. I am still in so much pain and feel at the end of my tether, I have been awake all night with the pain, have had morphine , which hasn't eased anything so have just tsken 2 tramadol about an hour ago. I feel,as if I am pestering the docs so guess I'm really just looking for some advice , I feel I need to fone them this morning when they open and explain how bad I am and request a home visit, but then I feel I'm annoying them, I'm at my wits end and can't think straight, please any help wld be appreciated xxxxxx

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  • You are in more pain than you can bear. Phone. We all know there is a whole chemistry set full of different pain meds. None are likely to make you pain free but the NHS can generally get you a mix that leaves you able to cope. Go back to your GP. If he doesn't get told he thinks his last guess has worked for you. If he runs out of ideas then he can send you to a pain specialist. Regards Rib

  • You need to see a surgeon right away! I was in your condition for more than a year with my doc saying to do physical therapy. When I saw the surgeon we found I had a torn disc which only shows up on a procedure called a "discogram". The torn disc wasn't even the same as the herniated disc they had been treating for a year! The surgeon said the fluid from the leaking disc was why pain killers, including morphine, did no good. BECAUSE IT HAD BEEN A YEAR, he only gave me a 50% chance of helping my back but no chance of fixing it completely. He said had I gone in sooner my improvement would have had better odds! I was in such a high level of pain I decided any help was better than living like I had the surgery. IT HELPED A LOT!! I went from writhing in pain & wheelchair bound to low levels of pain that hydrocodone alone can handle. PLEASE insist on a surgical consult & a discogram right away. And, immediately refuse any further physical can make a torn disc worse! Remember...even if the surgery doesn't fully repair your back it can help a great deal with your pain level. God Bless.

  • You have come too the right website so many good people on here will help you and give advice

  • In most cases sciatica will get better on its own, which is why docs tend to just give you pain relief and maybe physio. In your case, if its gone on for five months, it may not be getting better on its own. Next time you see the doctor, I'd ask how long you have to put up with it before getting a specialist opinion. Ask whether either a rheumatologist or a spinal surgeon would be useful to see.

  • Oh my! You poor thing! You have Definately done the right thing coming onto this site, and I agree with mikipaulo so PLEASE take her advice. people on this site really care and understand what you are going through ! You are not alone with this. I wish you all the best and hope you find relief very soon. God bless xx

  • Had my sciatica since last nov last year it's in both legs now only on tramadol and amitriptyline had physio I've giving up on the nhs can't get scans or X-rays taking so many different drugs to ease the pain so far nothing has work getting pains in my neck now

  • Hi there, do they know what is causing the sciatica, as usually sciatica is bacause of a problem in the back. Have you tried a TENS machine on your lower back? I find whilst wearing it, it really helps. The pain comes back when you take it off but it can be worn for hours.

  • Muscle behaviour has a great deal of influence on pain. This is something you need to explore.

    The neck muscles and neck position has an influence on sciatica.

    The history of the Alexander Technique is one of pain being removed or much reduced.. The history of chiropractic is one of pain relief in many cases although not all.

    Yoga is good for pain control.

    You need to google and investigate. You need to network with local people to find out what they have tried. It is going to take time with a few occasions where you have found that you have looked at the wrong thing That is part of the learning process of how to investigate your own health disability in order to find the things that improve your quality of life and find ways of dealing with the things that you know will have a bad effect on you.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi everyone I would like to say a big think you to you all for your replies, it's so good to 'stalk' to someone who understands how you feel. Well I have moved on slightly from last post, I was in such pain yesterday, they I had to phone the doctor who paid a home visit and saw for himself what a state I was in, he did a few wee tests and says that I don't have sciatica , but there is definately something underlying, his words were we don't know what we are dealing with here and you need an urgent CT scan, I have also had problems with fluid in my legs and ankles recently which is concerning him so I have an apptmnt on Monday for an ultrasound scan and then have to see the consultant on the same afternoon,meh feels that they might admit to hospital to get to the bottom of it all. I am so nervous and worried but know I have to get something done. I will keep you posted and thank you all again for being here , you have really helped, xxxx

  • I take Opana ER and it's been my life saver. Hope this helps. xxxx Mitzi

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