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And thus begins another attempt to rid self of this damn pain.... Or as I optimistically explained to the new physio, I just want to be able to self-manage it better and do as much for myself as I can. So fingers crossed.

Have been well and truely kneaded like a lump of dough, although in my case the dough of my muscles is more like concrete.

Am trying very. very hard to sit / stand as advised - goodbye slouching on the sofa - and have just done the first set of exercises. As this involves lying face down on the floor I now have carpet imprinted on my chin.

Only 4 hours since my appointment ended and so far it's going well. Can I keep it up? Well, I haven't eaten chocolate for 2 weeks so maybe my willpower will win through.

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Hi Teadrinker, I feel for you and know what you mean :) having run the gaunlet of physio and pain management,both of which have helped in their own way..i now do as much as i can,BUT I do heed my body when it says 'hey girl time to stop' I never used to and made things much much worse for myself.I take my meds ,because they do help with leg pain,even if not back. I try to get to the pool for water exercise and relax ,I use a tens machine,a heat pack,ive just bought a homemedics percussion massager which has heat and is great for deep tissue massage,as well as normal,I sit on a yoga ball quite a bit especially at the computer. I stretch my neck and upper back (exercises physio showed me) and my lower back as often as possible,and when the sun comes and more importantly the warmth,I like to get on my bike which funnily enough I dont feel my pain on..i do when i get off lol. Basically I dont want this pain to rule my life,I dont want to make it worse,,so I abide by the rule..keep moving,enjoy,and stop when the ouch says enough thank you ..doesnt always work ,I do sometimes ignore the ouch and then I pay big time.

It's a pain living with chronic pain but its always good to remember there are people far worse off..that always makes me feel better ;)

Youve done better than me at the chocolate lol.

best wishes jan


It's always worse before it gets better after things like physio, but I guess that's all about moving my body into positions it needs to be in but doesn't like to be in. Anyway, have had a fun evening at zumba, but it perhaps wasn't the best idea to take a couple of co-dydramol beforehand!!!! Should sleep well tonight.


hi, thank you for these posts.. very helpful.. its not only me!!


Hi, how long do you think it takes to start noticing a difference with physio, I have been doing the exercises twice daily (religiously) for 6 weeks now, is it still early days or should I start seeing a difference. The only difference I notice is my pain moves around a lot more (from my lower back to my hips).


I have been doing the exercises I was taught once a day for 12 months now, and although unfortunately it does not cure the pain in my case (they hoped it would at least improve it), I am more flexible, and feel safer and more confident about moving and I am able to do a bit of gardening and housework which I found really difficult before.

So keep at it, as you may find your pain decreases and stops moving around as your muscles crank back into action! I have been told I will need to do some exercises for the rest of my life...............................ggrrroan!

Good luck!


Compensation pain, which most of us suffer from is the pain we get when muscles tighten up (twist left ankle, right leg takes more weight, pain in right knee. If it doesn't repair, then left hip might be affected as well and so on and so on).

It was explained to me like peeling the layers off an onion. Each compensation (tight muscles) need to be relaxed by the physio. Then they move into another layer, and keep going untangling the compensation pains. Sometimes these cross over like a spiders web.

If your pain has moved, then maybe its a sign that the area being exercised has relaxed and the physio will need to re-assess things and add some more exercises to reach a different part and peel off another layer.

A chiro told me it can take the same length of time as you have had the pain to untangle all the compensations. (pain for 4 years needs 4 years of therapy).

Once compensations are cleared away, you can be left with triggers and these need treating too, with accupressure. Quite often these can be treated alongside general treatments and the physio can show you how to do it.


Hello teardrinker

Well you know what they say ; no pain no gain.; I suppose that may be true, physio up here is will stop when you cannot take anymore.

Seriously I suppose it may be that your body must need the movement and you will get over it when you are improved, so I take my hat off too you.



Ooh it hurts so much today!!!! Lay in bed last night, thinking that if the world ended abruptly at that moment I really wouldn't care, and that if it was still this bad in the morning I'd do what I never do and have the day off sick. Woke up feeling OK so sallied forth to work, only to find that moving about set it all off. I nearly came home several times but wasn't safe enough to drive so stuck it out, working at a snail's pace (and probably being about as useful as a snail in charge of guarding a sack of bird seed) and only missed the last 45 minutes. Feeling more settled now and have managed the exercises. Have moaned to my physio colleagues about "bloomin' physios" but we all know that I have to do this, and that the first time you do anything new it's not going to be a picnic.

A year of treatment for every year of pain? I'll report back in 2020, my bank account considerably lighter!

Charles, last time I had physio I got some improvement in function within a few weeks. I think it might depend on your problem and how long it's been going on for. There are no quick fixes sometimes.

Whitedaisy - no , it's certainly not just you!


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