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Shoulder dislocation

Hey every one in 2015 i dislocated my right shoulder 1st time had surgery in january 2016, got it all better with physio and stronger and feeling normal that a stupid rotation made it dislocate again then again then again 3 dislocations in 6 weeks. Been doing physio ever since ever since ive seen my doctor in december he said stabilization is good see thing how are in three months physio said im doing well its getting stronger , but now its feeling uncomfortable and shoulder blade is bugging me so much. Just checking what should i do ???

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It must be very painful


Not painful just uncomfortable


Hi Groomish

Have you tried massaged with cupping? You might have scar tissue and debris thst is causing pain and inability to properly strengthen. This would free up your shoulder all the way.

Hope you feel better soon!


What kind of debris do you think surgery is an option after haveing it before


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