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Pain in spleen area

Hey everyone ill try to keep this short.

I have seen my docotr about this but he puts 2 +2 together and is ?

So I have pain in my spleen area.

If I crouch and breath this area hurts

If I sit on the floor back straight up in hurts.

O sat on the sofa leaning over it hurts

Ive been getting very dizzy latley sat down or stood up. And not when I get up.

My white blood cells were up on last blood results.

As I had some green nipple discharge. I was sent for tests. But I only went 3 weeks after the doctor seen my me. She said it was probably a breast infection. But there was no redness no pain. No fever it was weird. So why was my cells ?

I since spoke to my mum who said she had it years ago and its to do with lymph system not draining properly

I have a chronic dry cough for months. I smoke no more than 5 a day.

Unusually heavy periods

Lack of energy.

I worry about lymphoma as my dad caught his early.

Anyone any ideas and how to get through to an uncaring doctor

The spleen pain (area) is slowly been getting worse for 3 months

Im now gettingpains near my kidneys

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Hi have you been checked for Fibroadenoma? That causes a green discharge from your nipples? Look this up sweetie because you don't have a infection. Because you would have at least 1 other symptom if you had a infection like fever or pain or swelling . You would know! Let me know what you think?


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