Pain in scrotum and surrounding

I am 32 years old. I have high blood pressure and take Lostan 25 every night as per doctor's instruction. I have been suffering from a mild pain in my right scrotum and CUB area. To be honest, i am not quite sure about the exact place of the pain. i went to doctor; got ultra sonogram of scrotum and plain X ray of my CUB region but fortunately nothing was found. Doctor advised me to take more water and take Rivo 0.5 every night. I have been taking this but still not feeling comfortable with the pain. pain is mild but persistent. I feel good when i walk but feel bad and painful when i sit and sleep. I am very anxious about it to get rid of it. Please suggest me something. Thanks.

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  • Sounds like your GP has been very thorough. Not knowing where the CUB area is it is difficult to offer any advice.

    Pat x

  • Sorry but i don't understand what GP is ! how would i know where the CUB area is ? Thanks for your advice.

  • GP means General Practitioner - your Doctor. You don't live in the UK then?

    Understand CUB was a mistake and you meant KUB. Thank you for clarifying.

    Hope you manage to get something for your discomfort. Ask your Doctor or pharmacist.

    Pat x

  • Please excuse my ignorance but what is the CUB?

    Have you noticed an increase in the size of your right epidydimis? Is the epidydimis painful to the touch? If yes to both then it could be an epidydimal infection. Oral Antibiotics is the cure. Regards Rib

  • Sorry it was my mistake. it would be KUB (Kidney, Ureter, and Bladder).

    No i don't feel that much of pain. Just when i sit i feel uncomfortable and bit pain. but when i remain stand up and keep walking i don't feel anything. I am still scared about it.

  • Hi sorry for your problems. My boyfriend had the same thing and it was his back... nerves that were pressing or getting pinched causing this pain. Hope this helps and you find relief soon. xxx Mitzi

  • Thanks. How did he recover ? any medicine ? please let me know. Thanks.

  • He first went to a urologist and they sent him to an orthopedic doctor and found out it was a disk problem, it could be blown or ruptured and laying on the nerves. He had an MRI that showed it. They did surgery for it but yours maybe helped without surgery. He said the pain was like his balls were in a vise. Hope this helps you out, and good luck on finding the solution to the pain you are in. Keep us posted. xx Mitzi

  • Was it a minor operation? In which part of the body? I am so scared with surgery. Currently I am facing the problem in a way that, when i sit in a car or at home, i feel that my scrotum gets touched in the floor (where i sit). It feels very uncomfortable for me. Please help me out with more suggestions. Thanks.

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