Dr Tom O'Bryan - Betrayal series

Hi all

Has anyone either watched or purchased this series of documentaries, and is it worthwhile? I started to watch a Episode 1, but felt it was so full of rather gushing waffle that I gave up. Now considering whether to download the series, but at nearly £40, concerned that it might be a pig in a poke!

Any comments would be appreciated - thanks!

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  • Hi Soreknees. I watched all of it and if you signed up for it they are still running extra episodes. I agree with you some of the' gushingness' is not to our taste, however I found it very interesting and informative, I do believe diet is very important to good health, our body is like an engine, put in the wrong fuel and it goes wrong. If you have a compromised immune system it makes sense to change or look at foods that disagree with us. Going gluten free 3 years ago has helped my Hashimotoes and inflammation with RA, I follow a good diet that includes proteins and good fats and no processed foods. Not sure I would purchase the series as it could be a lot shorter for me. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you - still pondering whether to buy it!

  • Will you watch it and are interested in diet change. There is a lot of freebie information out there if you look, however so much is American and very long winded. I am mainly on the NRAS site if you sign up to that and look back to a post from Kai.. A few days ago he has provided a lot of information re our gut issues, he's headed the post ' Potty mouth' I think. Very interesting and informative. A lot follow the Clint Patterson diet and you pay a fee for this, it a plant based diet. Good luck.

  • Sorry meant Paddison. Lol! He is Australian, and of course no offence to our lovely American people.

  • Many thanks - I will definitely check that out.

    My rheumatologist is considering putting me on medication, which we had previously agreed not to do as my psoriatic arthritis generally only flares up once or twice a year, and the meds, with all there side effects, seemed like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

    However, I had a really bad flare up in October affecting several joints at once and he is now taking a different view, so I would certainly like to find better alternatives rather than go down that road.

    Thanks for your advice - much appreciated.

  • I haven't even heard of this, what is it? Is it UK based? Is Dr Tom O'Bryan a fake doctor or has he claimed to have found a curative treatment for chronic pain?

    Am interested...

  • It's a series of about 9 videos (so far!) by an American doctor who claims to found the cause of auto immune conditions and how to treat them with (I think) lifestyle and diet changes rather than medication. I am very interested in the topic, but what is putting me off is that you appear to have to sit through hours and hours of waffle before you get to the crucial information. Will see if I can find some links to share.

  • betrayalseries.com/sales-pa...

    This is a link to the home page for the Betrayal 'mission'

  • Thanks for that. Interestingly, a few months ago I started a thread about diet & its effect on pain; I'm vegetarian so was 'investigating' whether it is a help or hindrance......

    RJC 😊

  • Sounds very interesting. I will have a look.

    As an aside if anybodies interested. .... I have ten gallons of top quality cure all, genuine Snake Oil for sale.

    £10 for 10ml...... sound fair?

    .......... :o)

  • .......already got a barrel full in the shed thanks!!! 😋

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