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This is my second posting on my case.

I had injury while helping with a patient at work and my MRI of the lumba spine indicated a desiccation of the lumbar discs, prolapse discs, bulging discs, and spinal stenosis, L4-L5 disc reveals posterior protrusion and a generalised bulge with annular fissuring indenting the traversing L5 nerve roots minimally indenting neural foramina with facetal changes.

I had loads of medications and series of side effects. My medications includes: Amiltrypiline, Gabapentin, Tramadol, Meptid, Cocodamol ibuprofen, Codeine and Dizepam with little or no relief.

I recently had a Caudal Epidural Injection on 3/3/16 and was due a review on the 13/05/16 under general anaesthetic. When came out of recovery, I felt no pain anywhere. Three days later I have a massive pain and unable to move my body. I wee and poo in the room until an emergency doctor attended to review my discharge medication and later started getting relief. I am not yet back to how I was before I had the injection.

If I returned on 13/5/16 for review, I am bound to tell the surgeon that the caudal injection did not work. The next available option will be a bone fusion. An invasive surgery where my back will be split open to repair the bulging bone by permanently fussed them together.

I need advise as I have read from some people that they have no success with this. Some says they will not recommend it for their enemies to go through. I personally does not want this at my age of 49 years.

Please advise me if you have been in this situation before now.

I also need your valuable personal opinion.

Thanks you all

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Hi, so sorry to hear about your back pain.  I've had almost exactly the same but with L5/SI joint.  I was offered the fusion operation 17 years ago but had two young babies at the time,  and then again 2 years ago but had to refuse because I have huge guard dogs,  that I'd they accidentally knocked into me, would rip the framework out of my back. I don't know whether you have children or work etc, but I strongly recommend that you have the operation as it has about a 75% success rate and could save some/all your pain. I wish you well. 


Im much the same as you it comes to the point when every avenue have failed,  my only option is a fusion as nothing else has worked for me. My moto is what have i gotta loose now nothing else can give me anymore pain than what im living with day to day i hope you feel better soon xx


I had l5/S1 radical fusion broke the fusion five years later had ground breaking surgery to excise headless screws from Vertabrae and screw heads floating/entrapped Ortho Team) Block fused from front by (Neuro team).......I have never felt any better than I did before the fusion....just more acceptably stable........surgery is never the answer.....strength building, pain management (latest science) Graded Motor Imagery....very few go to drugs the GPs have at their disposal were ever really invented for long term pain, particularly patches (narcotic Disrupters designed for addicts) Anti Inflamatory Rectal Suppositories R much more useful in long term use to avoid eosophagus damage......ask your specialist if they need to do surgery because your spinal cord is at risk or just because of pain.....if the latter, avoid like the plague....you would be surprised what you can achive with pain control later on, but after surgery U will be just chasing your tail, much as I've been for the last 30 yrs.......now I find I can switch off a lot of my pain with only my mind and a well devised program for left & right back Recognition (Recognise Me $10 Apple or Android). Fascinating stuff......good luck & I wish you well 😄😄

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Hi im 45 & been in pain for years was on so many  pain killers had the ejections which made the pain worse. So i had enough & had the surgery, i was so scared. So i had L5 S1fushion on my back in February  had no complications . I had a cut around 8cm long, you cant even see the cut now. Im still recovering, i started physio  last week & still have to take it easy for a while but from my experience  its the best thing i have done. Im 99% better then before. Im gradually reducing my pain meds im now on   the lowest dose now . I still get a little pain but it was worth it . I hope this helps. Hope it works out for you what ever you decide. 


so happy for you! I need the same fusion. Are you in the NY/NJ area? If so can you please state your surgeon as I need to commit to one soon for a June surgery!


Hiya,  I'm in the same boat as you in afraid.  Have the fusion.  I will be next year and I can't wait.  Anything to give me a 50/50 chance of success is better than not trying.  Good luck with your decision xx


Had my fusion op in 2004 and sad to say,in my case it was no great success.I have had ever increasing constant chronic pain as a result,spent years chasing every opioid and other pain relief pill/patch out there.I then spent a few weeks at St Thomas's pain Input centre in London and 14 months ago had a spinal cord stimulator implanted.This to date has been the only thing that has given me any relief.Not stopped it but when on, it greatly diminishes the pain.I think with all operations the risks are, may help or may make symptoms worse.The little voice at the back of your'e head tells you it will help,and what if I don't have the op have I missed an opportunity to improve.But you do need to keep in mind that it can worsen the situation and to be mentally prepared for that.Something your surgeon should go through with you.I wish all the luck in the world and pain free happy days to come.


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