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Chronic joint pain and fatigue post-baby

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Hello, I'm looking to talk to anyone with pain experience similar to mine. 17 months ago I gave birth to my son by emergency caesarean after a 3 day labour. After 2 infections I was in the mend until month 4 when pain started in my knees and ankles. GP advised stopping breastfeeding as there was a concern that too much oxytocin or relaxin was building in my joints. Fast forward 13 months and I am seeing pain physiotherapist to learn to cope with my chronic pain and noughts of chronic fatigue. Tests have confirm it is not rheumatoid arthritis but no other diagnosis can be found to date. I'm battling through every day and am constantly treading the fine line between exercise and physical exhaustion. I feel this pain is hormone related and stems from a traumatic labour however I am feeling lost now; other than physio, mild exercise and pain medication (co-codamol only) I don't know where to turn next.

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I was just wondering if you have you ever looked into Ehlers Danlos syndrome (hypermobility type)??? I can't diagnose from a distance but it's common to get worse through pregnancy and hormones. Please have a google to see if you recognise yourself in the symptoms.

Hope you find some answers soon x

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Thanks I'll look it up. I had emergency caesarean in 1982 after 3wks of slow labour, 1985 they said I had to have another caesarean because of 1st one. In 1994 I was crippled with pain, my joints twisted like arthritis and the pain moved around my body. They did tests and couldn't find anything. So they said its a virus. Now 2017 the pain has settled in my back and crippling me. (This is the short version of what's going on with me,)

So again thanks, I'm going to look it up and I hope pearsong does the same

Take care x

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It might not apply to you but the doctors are almost always missing the signs. Just had to think about it when I read your post.

All the best x

This may have nothing to do with your problem, but I had joint pain and swelling in ankle and eventually not able to walk before the birth of my daughter with a life threatening situation at delivery of myself after baby was born, plus continued as not being able to walk after the birth, and for up to 9 months, but gradually improvied. I seem to remember, I was prescribed a muscle relaxant to help with the pain. It was a traumatic time and one I will never forget. No real explanation was given.

Have you had full blood tests.? Have you had ANA / ENA panel tested to rule out autoimmune disease? The reason I ask, is that I have had episodes of dire pain after various operations through the years. I then had an op a couple of years back, as I had chronic pelvic pain. (By this time, most gps had dismissed my symptoms as menopause. )I didn't recover post op, and could hardly walk. Due to abnormal blood tests, I was sent to an endocrinologist , who confirmed I had positive ANA, ENA and RO antibodies . Skip a year and 3 more operations, and I was diagnosed with severe primary sjorgens. My joints hurt in various parts of my body., amongst other issues. The treatment has really helped me. Not suggesting you have the same diagnosis as me, but I give it as an example of how you should push for throrough blood tests, there may be autoimmune dysfunction . At least that may give some answers? They should test B12 and vit d too, they are usually tag ons, so I would ask for them to be tested. I wish I had been more assertive, but hindsight is 20/20.....


Forgot to say endocrinologists study endocrine system and hormones . Could be relevant to your feedback.....

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