Now Immune to the sedative effects of Amitriptaline

I no longer feel the sleepy affects of Amitriptaline. I don't understand this as I found the effects of sedation good to begin with. I feel the same way if I take Dihydrocodine. If taking either of these I now find that I cannot sleep at all. My doc has now prescribed me with Trazadone tabs to help with anxiety and also to help me sleep. So far I find them very effective. I worry though that I'll end up being immune to these as well. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Thanks

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  • Hi Iain

    Yes I have experienced the same problem with Amitriptaline,

    I was so pleased to get some pain relief from them and some sleep !!!!!!

    But after 6months I found that when I am in pain I use to wake up by it , but I fell asleep straight away 😉

    After 9months they don't work ! I stay awake all night !!!!

    My doc has now prescribed me with lyrica and Mirtazapine tabs

    So far I find them very effective so far

    Take care

    Christine CRPS

  • I know several people who have to rotate through several meds (such as for sleep, depression, anxiety, etc.) periodically when each may lose effectiveness. Their prescribers worked with them.

  • Very common Iain25! Most people build a tolerance to the meds they're taking. As you've now got something else, chances are that in time that will stop being effective but you could ask to restart the Amitriptyline again. The rolling pattern can begin again.

    I change a couple of my meds every few months as I too build a tolerance but each time I change over, I get a good benefit from them.

    Try not to be worrying yourself about meds not working in the future; focus on today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow! 😊


  • Thanks for your replies. I am still taking the Amitriptaline as well as Trazodone RJC. The Amitriptaline still works for the pain and the Trazadone still helps me to sleep better but I still worry about once again becoming immune to them. I just don't want to constantly change meds all the time just so I can have a decent nights sleep. Knowing that others feel the same same gives me some comfort. Thanks again.

  • Whatever it takes to get some sleep I say! Maybe suggest (request) to your GP that you change the combination of whatever meds he/she's prescribed you, every 12 weeks? If he/she agrees then getting repeat prescriptions will be a lot easier than the 'faff' of having to ask each time.

    My pain consultant & I came up with this plan, he wrote to my GP who now gives me free rein on when I change over.

    If you're getting really desperate at some point, maybe asking for Zopiclone for a short period will get you all 'refreshed' so you can restart the Amitriptyline or whatever else you're talking? Using Zopiclone will give you that vital correct sleeping pattern which among other things, just makes you feel better generally. Zopiclone has literally been a life saver for me; I'd have given up long ago!!


  • I think all tablets have a shelf life in that they work for so long then they don't .I have had this with amityrptyline and built up a tolerance to this now . I find sleep very allusive at best at worst I don't get much at allX

  • Yes - it is expected and normal. Sedation is seen as an unwanted side effect for most - people need to function etc. Unfortunately doctors are now resorting to using these types of sedating antidepressants for insomnia.

    Not sure how keen I would be to take trazadone - it is hardly ever used as there are far superior drugs available, although it does help with sleep.

    Mirtazapine is another antidepressant that is sedating and used for anxiety.

  • Hi Stokebones. Thanks for your reply. My doctor prescribed me with Trazodone to help anxiety and to help me sleep. She said that Amitriptaline and Trazodone are a better combination of tablets to take other than another type of antidepressant (can't remember the name) that I was taking alongside the Amitriptaline. So far it has worked for me.

  • I'm same I used to sleep at night and now I don't my anxiety is terrible at night now how you feel.x

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