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Sciatica, bad Bursitis and arthiritis in pelvis

Hi My Name is Vanessa,

I have had sciatica and bursitis for several months had steroid injection it made it worse.I am on alot of heavy pain relief i take when needed.

I am in alot of pain tonight i could cry.

I have had physio.

I have hydro excercises to do been strapped.

Physio said joints are rubbing on each other.

About to go to bed have had Endone,panadol osteo,panadine forte and nurofen.

Can anyone give tips or help on relief please.

I have also two heat packs on.

Thanks Ness.😊

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Hey. Sorry to hear that. If sterpid injections don't seem to help, maybe some botox would? And some additional treatments like implants for nerve stimulations? And if you have bone rubbing on bone, that means that your cartilage is damaged and it immediately needs to be rebuild. More recent and revolutionary treatment include platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections for rebuilding cartilage. You should start taking supplements like glucosamine, chondroitine, msm, pure 100% beef gelatine (collagen) and hyaluronic acid, magnesium chloride, calcium, selenium, zinc and vitamin supplements. But these supplements are only a little help, before using them, you should consider treatment options that I have mentioned to you.


See an Alexander teacher. They can give you help with posture and muscle behaviour control. Physio which involves doing exercises you have found not to be helpful in your situation. So you now need to learn how to put a bit of thought into how you do things. This is what an Alexander Teacher will help you do.

Hope I have been able to be helpful.


Does heat help? For some, heat can cause inflammation. Ice is my best friend, but I know some neighbors can't wait to get in the hot tub each morning.


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