URGENT. Why does my arm and elbow have pain?

A few weeks ago, I was playing badminton. I'm a 16 year old female who plays a lot of sports. Then when I was somehow hitting the shuttlecock that was coming towards me quickly, I hit the shuttlecock and my arm felt a sharp pain. It must have been I hit the shuttlecock in an unusual way...After about a month nearly NOW, my right elbow area is hurting a lot. Ive heard a lot of quick "pop" sounds quite a few times as I moved my elbow. This morning I heard it when I woke up. I'm still able to move my fingers but when I lift my elbow too down or bend it upwards, it hurts a lot. I havnt been to the doctors about it and I am worried. Is it just a simple sprain or something similar?

I have asked my sister to look at both my left and right elbow to see if there is a a difference between the sizes. She said the right elbow area is swelled up a bit.

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  • Well the first thing you MUST do is see your Doctor.

    It could be anything and you need to seek professional advice. We can not give diagnosis here - only suggestions as to what it may be.

    It will be for the best ...really.


  • Okay, thank you. X

  • Hey there. It sounds to me like some kind of an injury, or maybe a tennis elbow. Either way, you shoud go to the doctor and this is nothing to worry about, you will be fine. 😊

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